Event Report: Sanguis Extremis Narrative Horus Heresy Event!

Isaac Wright
We recently held our first Narrative event of the new edition of Horus Heresy! 
We had 10 fresh and eager Horus Heresy Players coming together to build a great narrative together!
We had 10 Players come down on the day to complete, Loyalist vs Traitor for the fate of Eidun's Fall!

Players competed against their Traitor/Loyalist cousins in custom made missions that helped paint the picture of the narrative and story of the day. We had such classic match ups as the stalwart Imperial Fists vs the spiteful and relentless Iron Warriors!

Other classic match ups such as World Eaters vs..... World Eaters? With our teams having a loyalist and a traitor part of the legion! They had some old grudges to settle!

In typical World Eater fashion, there are ALOT of drop pods!
The Day in the End was won by the Traitor Forces! With a combined total reaching 111 points to 52 for the loyalists! 
A group photo of our Traitor players on the day!
Here at JustPlay, we would like to thank all the players who attended on the day and hope you all had a great time. We are looking forward to our Sequel to this event that will take place on 24th September! Tickets can be found here

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Event Report: Justice Series July!

Isaac Wright

Thanks to everyone who attended the Justice Series on the 30th! we really appreciate it and hope you all had a great time!


You can check out the full results and are: https://tabletop.to/justice-series-july 

First congratulations to our winner of the event Paul Bowden!

Paul Bowden won this using Seraphon with this list

Allegiance: Seraphon
- Constellation: Thunder Lizard
- Grand Strategy: No Place for the Weak
Triumphs: Inspired

Engine of the Gods (265)**
- General
- Command Trait: Prime Warbeast
- Artefact: Incandescent Rectrices
- Mount Trait: Beastmaster
- Universal Prayer Scripture: Curse

Lord Kroak (430)*

Skink Priest (90)**
- Universal Prayer Scripture: Heal

Skink Starpriest (130)**
- Spell: Hand of Glory

Saurus Astrolith Bearer (140)*
- Artefact: Fusil of Conflaguration

5 x Saurus Guard (115)*

5 x Saurus Knights (110)*
- Lances 

Stegadon (270)*
- Weapon: Skystreak Bow

Bastiladon with Solar Engine (250)*

Endless Spells & Invocations
Purple Sun of Shyish (70)
Umbral Spellportal (70)

Core Battalions
*Battle Regiment
**Command Entourage - Magnificent

Additional Enhancements

Total: 1940 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 0 / 4
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 85
Drops: 4

The best painted award went to Steven for their Slaves to Darkness!

The next  Age of Sigmar event is on the 10th September, tickets to be available soon!

See you at our next event!

Team JustPlay

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Event Report: Warhammer 40k Tempest of War!

Isaac Wright

Thanks to everyone who attended the 40k Tempest of War event we ran this weekend just gone. We really appreciate it and hope you all had a great time!

The event in full swing!

You can check out the full results here! 


First congratulations to our winner of the event Isaac!

Award Winners!

Isaac won this using Thousand Sons Tzaangor army with this list


Name: Isaac Wright
Army: Thousand Sons (Warp Meldpact)
Battalion (0CP)
Reinforcement Points: 137 points

HQ1: Exalted Sorcerer - 160 points
[WARLORD- Aetherstride]
Dilettante (30) Disc of Tzeentch (25) Proserpine Khopesh (5)
Relics- Thrydderghyre, Umbral Crystal
P- Weaver of Fates
P- Doombolt

HQ2- Exalted Sorcerer - 150 points
Warlord Trait (-1CP) - Manipulator of Reality
Rehati (20) Disc of Tzeentch (25) Proserpine Khopesh (5)
Relics- Athenian Scrolls (-1CP)
P- Baleful Devolution
P- Tzeentch's Firestorm

HQ3- Infernal Master - 90 points
Pacts- Blades Maelstrom, Malefic Maelstrom
P- Glamour of Tzeentch

TROOPS1- Rubric Marines (117)
4 Warp Flamers, Warpflame Pistol, Icon of Flame
P- Pyric Flux

TROOPS2- Tzaangors (150)
20 gors, Brayhorn, Tzaangor Blades

TROOPS3- Tzaangors (150)
20 gors, Brayhorn, Tzaangor Blades

ELITES1- Tzaangor Shaman (70)
P- Cacodaemonic Curse, Diamond of Distortion (-1CP)

ELITES2- Tzaangor Shaman (70)
P- Perplex

FASTATTACK1- Tzaangor Enlightened (108)
6 Fatecaster Bows

FASTATTACK2- Tzaangor Enlightened (108)
6 Fatecaster Bows

FASTATTACK3- Tzaangor Enlightened (108)
6 Divining Spears

HEAVYSUPPORT1- Mutalith Vortex Beast - (145)

Patrol Detachment (-2CP)

HQ4- Infernal Master - 90 points
Pacts- Capering Imps, Glimpse of Eternity
P- Temporal Manipulation

TROOPS4- Rubric Marines (117)
4 Warp Flamers, Warpflame Pistol, Icon of Flame
P- Pyric Flux

FASTATTACK4- Chaos Spawn (115)
5 Spawn, Warpmeld Spawn (-1CP)

FASTATTACK5- Chaos Spawn (115)
5 Spawn, Warpmeld Spawn (-1CP)

Congrats to Sam Bocock for 2nd Place and Jack Ferguson for 3rd! 

The best painted award went to Jack Wood for their fantastic Emperors Children!

Close up of some of Jack's Terminators!

The next 40k event is on the 31st July! you can grab your tickets here 

See you at our next event!

Team JustPlay

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Event Report: Heresy Rising Learner Event!

Ash Gavin

This weekend we held a special event for the new edition of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy!

Horus Heresy players

16 players showed up to complete their training!

The event was geared towards helping our community of Heresy players reach a level playing field of game knowledge, as the veterans of the Long War have had their numbers massively boosted with new players since the Age of Darkness launch. 

thousand sons marines in gloss red

Helpful plasma backup for when your psykers can't think right.

We didn't have any painting requirements on the day, with the focus being on gameplay and collaborating to get better as a group - but that didn't stop some beautifully turned out models from hitting the table!

World Eaters land raider with battle damage and freehand

Like this beautiful Land Raider by Peter Ryder

The winner was - everyone! But to be fair, John Ball scored the most points across his games while showing us how deadly drop pod assault can be! 

Blood Angel drop pods disgorging marines and a dreadnought

Steel rain!

You can check out all the armies people used here: https://tabletop.to/heresy-rising 

Our next Horus Heresy events will be on the 4th and 24th September, the former is a 3,000 point Narrative event which is currently sold out, but please get in touch with hello@justplaygames.uk if you want to be on the reserve list! 

The 24th will be 2,000 points of Matched play - stay tuned on our socials for tickets and rules pack!

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Event Report: NaughtyK Highlander!

Ash Gavin
Our Warhammer 40,000 Highlander event coverage - what changes at an anti-spam event??

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Event Report: NaughtyK May 2022

Ash Gavin
Last weekend was our latest NaughtyK Warhammer 40,000 tournament! Thanks to all who attended a packed day, let's look at what happened.

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Flesh & Blood Skirmish Event Round-Up

Ritchie McAlley

Thanks to everyone who attended Flesh and Blood Skirmish Event, the first of the "special" events we have been able to host by LSS (thanks) We really appreciate it and hope you all had a great time!

The event in full swing!


After 4 rounds we had 4 players do battle to become champion. 
Our top 4 and Random Mat winner at the end of swiss
Top 4 gets underway.
The final seen Joe (Dash) vs James (Dorinthea) 3rd and 4th collected their promos and 6 packs each before grabbing ringside seats to the final.
Joe prepares to battle with Dash
James Draws what he hope will be a winning hand with Dorinthea
When the dust settled the game just got away from Joe he tried to push his tempo advantage with Dash. After his big turn he could not push enough damage though and ultimately decked out leaving James on 2 life. James and Dorinthea win!
Congratulations James!
We play Flesh & Blood every Tuesday at 6:30pm, we have decks for new players to try the game out. We are always looking for more players to Join the ranks.

See you at our next event!

Team JustPlay

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Event Report: NaughtyK RTT

Ash Gavin
News from the 41st Millennium: Harlequins still winning stuff (but not how you think!)

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Membership Update

Ritchie McAlley
Dear Club JustPlay Member!

During the process of updating our membership pricing at the end of our half price offer, we have become aware of an issue regarding our yearly plan that has triggered an email to be sent out to you asking you to select a new plan. Please do NOT select a new plan right now - your 49.99 yearly membership is safe with us (and you have already paid for it!) we just need to investigate the issue and ensure that it is fixed on our end.

In the meantime whilst we investigate this, your membership is of course still active. You don't need to do anything else.

We'll let you know as soon as we've resolved this problem or if we need to let you know any further updates.

Apologies for the inconvenience and the confusing emails!

Ritchie & Team JustPlay

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In-store Gaming Update

Ritchie McAlley

Greetings to all our players! We hope you're well. We're here to give you an update on gaming in-store at Justplay. Thanks to all your support over the last two years, we have been able to waive our table fees during a difficult covid period, helping us to be here for you through the various levels of lockdowns and restrictions we have all faced.

During this time we have doubled our gaming space whilst adding new mats and scenery. We've now got enough to support 40+ players, playing the popular Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar on new size tables (no masking tape here!), as well as adding massive amounts of new terrain. 


New mats and terrain


Players looking to play other games can find classic 6' x 4' wargaming tables, and along with our dedicated gaming room this means more space for everyone. We are about to (once again!) replace all of our chairs, and add even more so we can host up to 90 player CCG events in-store! A private gaming space has been also been added. Perfect for D&D, board games or anything you like! Speaking of which, we've also been adding to our board game library for everyone to enjoy.


Our private gaming room, setup for 3 games of 40k


From February 28th our table fees will return, and our upstairs gaming room will become a Members-only benefit - more on that shortly. We will of course still have wargaming tables available on our ground floor for anyone to book and use for drop-ins.

For anyone wanting to drop in and play some tabletop wargames in store, or take advantage of our Board Game library, we will charge a £3 table fee per person, which covers you for a full day of gaming! Or, if you want to book a table at any of our set times, the £6 fee to do so covers you and a friend.

If you are just popping into sit down play some trading card games, roleplay or enjoy your own board games there is no charge.

All of these changes come into effect on February 28th

We are also offering a membership program, which covers all your fees allowing you to game as much as you like. Take advantage of our members only Wargaming Room, free table bookings, campaigns, leagues and early access discount event tickets - plus more benefits to come!

Until February 28th you can grab your first years membership for just £49.99 rather then £107.99 per year - a massive saving of 50%.

We also offer monthly memberships for £9.99, and quarterly membership for £28.49. Your memberships can of course be cancelled at any time.

You can join the membership program of your choice HERE.

Once again thanks to everyone who has supported us over the last two years. Whether gaming in-store, shopping online or enjoying our company we appreciate it all!

We look forward to welcoming even more of you back down to the store for some gaming.

See you soon!

Ritchie & Team JustPlay


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