Event Report: NaughtyK RTT

Event Report: NaughtyK RTT

Ash Gavin

The latest in our NaughtyK Warhammer 40,000 series went off with a bang this weekend! 

Tyranids vs Harlequins

No holds barred!

Big congratulations to our winner of the event, 

Winner Jon Shaw!

You can check out the full results here: 


Jon won this using a Harlequins list, made to play strongly into other Harlequins:


Harlequins Battalion: Light Saedath

1. Shadowseer [Mirror of Minds, Webway Dance] - Mirror Architect
2. Troupe Master - Fusion/Cegorach's Rose - Player of the Light, Queen of Shards, A Foot in the Future, Favoured of the Laughing God

Troops: (Troupe Masters in Bold)
1. Troupe - Blade/Shuriken, Kiss/Neuro, Caress/Neuro, Fusion/Embrace, Fusion/Kiss 
2. Troupe - Blade/Shuriken, Kiss/Neuro, Caress/Neuro, Fusion/Embrace, Fusion/Kiss
3. Troupe - Blade/Shuriken, Kiss/Neuro, Blade/Neuro, Fusion/Embrace, Fusion/Kiss
4. Troupe - Blade/Shuriken, Fusion/Embrace. Shuriken/Caress, Shuriken/Embrace, Fusion/Kiss
5. Troupe - Blade/Shuriken, Fusion/Embrace. Caress/Neuro, Kiss/Neuro, Fusion/Kiss. Blade/Shuriken
6. Troupe - Blade/ShurikenBlade/Shuriken, Blade/Shuriken, Blade/Shuriken, 

1. Death Jester - Favoured of Cegorach, Harvester of Torment, Champion of the Aeldari 
2. Death Jester - Lord of Crystal Bones, The Laughing God's Eye

Fast Attack:
1. Skyweaver x 3 - Haywire Cannons, Zephyrglaives 
2. Skyweaver x 3 - Haywire Cannons, Zephyrglaives
3. Skyweaver x 3 - Shuriken Cannons, Zephyrglaives

Dedicated Transport 
5 x Starweaver

The best painted award went to Ben Hopkinson for their Craftworld Aeldari army, catching our eye in particular with these beautiful Wrathblades! 

Ben's Best Painted Army

Special mention to Matt Blundell, winner of the Best Army theme for his single model army (and most kills in Overwatch...)


The next 40k event is May 22nd, HIGHLANDER! There can be only one! (of each Datasheet in your army)

You can grab your tickets here: https://justplaygames.uk/products/just-one-40k-highlander-tournament-22-05-22

See you at our next event!

Team JustPlay

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