Event Report: Sanguis Extremis Narrative Horus Heresy Event!

Event Report: Sanguis Extremis Narrative Horus Heresy Event!

Isaac Wright
We recently held our first Narrative event of the new edition of Horus Heresy! 
We had 10 fresh and eager Horus Heresy Players coming together to build a great narrative together!
We had 10 Players come down on the day to complete, Loyalist vs Traitor for the fate of Eidun's Fall!

Players competed against their Traitor/Loyalist cousins in custom made missions that helped paint the picture of the narrative and story of the day. We had such classic match ups as the stalwart Imperial Fists vs the spiteful and relentless Iron Warriors!

Other classic match ups such as World Eaters vs..... World Eaters? With our teams having a loyalist and a traitor part of the legion! They had some old grudges to settle!

In typical World Eater fashion, there are ALOT of drop pods!
The Day in the End was won by the Traitor Forces! With a combined total reaching 111 points to 52 for the loyalists! 
A group photo of our Traitor players on the day!
Here at JustPlay, we would like to thank all the players who attended on the day and hope you all had a great time. We are looking forward to our Sequel to this event that will take place on 24th September! Tickets can be found here

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