Are you passionate about your favourite game? Become a JustPlay Store Champion!

Ian O'Brien

Today I'd like to talk about a new program we're launching, which we're calling Store Champions!

As players in a hobby that is generally a little niche, we're always looking to recruit new players. Whether those are existing gamers that play other games, or people that are completely new to the hobby, one thing is always true; without passionate players to champion games, our community doesn't grow.

JustPlay, like any games store, has some players that do just that - give demos to potential new players, help people organise games, and sing the praises of their favourite game. We want to recognise, reward, and most of all support the players who do that at our store which is what the Store Champion program is all about.

What is a Store Champion?

We feel that a perfect store champion is someone who...

  • Is outgoing, approachable, personable, and gives a great impression of our gaming community
  • Is at JustPlay on the game night for their game come hell or high water - that way potential players know that they can always turn up and get a game without having to ask "is anyone playing tonight" on Facebook
  • Is proficient, prepared, and easily available to demo their game to potential new players - mostly on game night, but potentially on other nights too
  • Actively participates in their game's wider community - frequently attends events, is an active member of popular forums, facebook groups and twitter
  • Actively participates in our community - helps people to find opponents on Facebook, introduces new players to the area, and is passionate about the game
  • Wants to help organise and promote both their own and JustPlay's events
  • Is willing to become an official rep for their game where applicable - Guild Ball Pundits, Malifaux Henchmen, and so on

What do I get for being a Store Champion?

  • Actively help the community for your favourite game grow and flourish
  • Become (or continue to be) a community leader for your game
  • Dedicated support from JustPlay for any events that you want to run or cool things that you want to do for your game
  • Additional 10% discount on products for your game at JustPlay
  • Free entry to events for your game at JustPlay
  • Other free benefits in the future as the Store Champion program matures!

What games are you looking for Store Champions for?

We are currently looking for Store Champions for the following games:

  • Star Wars: Armada
  • Star Wars: Imperial Assault
  • Flames of War

How do I apply to become a Store Champion?

Get in touch with us in store, or via Facebook or email (

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to hearing from anyone who's interested!

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Do you like free store credit? JustPlay's rewards program launched!

Ian O'Brien

Today sees the launch of JustPlay Points, our combined tournament prize and rewards program!

JustPlay Points lets you generate yourself free store credit every time you make a purchase from us either in-store or online. You can also earn yourself free store credit for simply signing up to the program, sharing our page on Facebook and Twitter, and more.

The highlight of our rewards program is our "refer a friend" bonus - give your referral link to a friend and they'll get 10% off their first order, and you'll earn yourself a cool £5 in JustPlay points!

To get started earning free stuff, simply head to, click the "rewards program" button in the bottom right corner, and get started!

In addition to free stuff for helping spread the word of JustPlay, our events that award store credit will award JustPlay Points too. This means that you can see easily at a glance how much you have to spend your well-deserved points on; spend them quickly or save them up for something later on, the choice is yours. And of course, you can combine them with points earned from sharing and referrals to get even bigger free things!

Thanks for reading - we hope you're as excited about free stuff as we are about giving it away.

Go to now and get started earning free things!

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