Event Report: NaughtyK Highlander!

Event Report: NaughtyK Highlander!

Ash Gavin

This weekend we had a twist on the classic Warhammer 40,000 tournament - the Highlander format. There can be only one! (Of each datasheet in your army*)

This bit of restriction on list building, along with a special character ban, made for a fun challenge and encouraged some units to hit the table that we don't usually see.

Warhammer 40,000 players having a laugh

James vs Peter in round 2!

From Matt Blundell's Warhound Titan - the ultimate highlander army with just one unit - to Will Mott's God-Bound knights to Ethan Watmough's carpet of Tyranid gribblies there was a great spread of armies on tables, but in the end there could be only one (it's the only quote I know, OK?) 

Big congratulations to our very own Isaac Wright who took the win with his Thousand Sons. 

First second and third place awardees

1st: Isaac 2nd: Jack Ferguson 3rd: Peter Duff


Isaac's army list is below:
*(Armies were allowed 2 of each Troops datasheet - that's not just Isaac being extra-duplicitous!) 

Thousand Sons Battalion Detachment (Cult of Duplicity)

Starting CP- 8

Points- 2000

Starting Cabal Points - 16

No Force Org

Sorcerer in Terminator Armour (115)

Base (105) Force Axe (0) Inferno Combi Bolter (0) Battle Psyker (10)

Psychic Powers- Presage, Doombolt

HQ1- Exalted Sorcerer (155)

Base (100) Disc (25) Proserpine Khopesh (5) [WARLORD - Master Misinformator] Relic - Athenian Scrolls, Legion Command - Rehati

Psychic Powers- Tzeentches Firestorm, Baleful Devolution

HQ3- Infernal Master (90)

Base (90) Relic- Egleighen’s Orrery (-1CP)

Psychic Powers- Glamour of Tzeentch

Infernal Pacts- Glimpse of Eternity, Maelfic Maelstrom

HQ3- Sorcerer (90)

Base (90) Relic- Umbralefic Crystal (-1CP)

Psychic Powers- Weaver of Fates, Gaze of Hate

ELITES1- Scarab Occult Terminators (430)

10 Models (400) 2 Hellfire missile racks (20) 2 Soulreaper Cannons (10)

Psychic Powers- Temporal Surge

ELITES2- Tzaangor Shaman (70)

High Magister (-1CP) [Seeker After Shadows]

Psychic Powers- Temporal Manipulation

ELITES3- Chaos Contemptor Dreadnought (170)

Base (140) Martial Legacy (-1CP) 2 Twin Volkite Culverins (30)

TROOPS1- Rubric Marines (115)

Base (105) Icon of Flame (10) Infernal Boltguns (0)

Psychic Powers- Temporal Manipulation

TROOPS2- Rubric Marines (115)

Base (105) Icon of Flame (10) Infernal Boltguns (0)

Psychic Powers- Empyric Guidance 

TROOPS3- Tzaangors (150)

20x7 (140) Brayhorn (10)

FAST ATTACK1- Chaos Spawn (115)

5x23 (115)

FAST ATTACK2- Tzaangor Enlightened (90)

5x18 (90) 5 Fatecaster Bows

HEAVY SUPPORT1- Maulerfiend (150)

Base (140) Lasher Tendrils (10)

HEAVY SUPPORT2- Mutalith Vortex Beast (145)

Thousand Sons maulerfiend

There were some awesome hobby skills on display on the day, so much that we had to give out two hobby awards! 

The Best Themed Army award went to Will Mott for his Chaos Knights. One for each god of the warp, and an Armiger built in the image of Abaddon the Despoiler! Check these incredible conversions: 

Will Mott's Chaos Knights

We also had to choose the best painted models in the house, and we loved Michael Cartin's Adeptus Custodes with their clean metallics, beautiful brush work and thoughtful colour scheme. Congratulations Michael! 

The next 40k event is our doubles event on the 18th June! You can grab your tickets here https://justplaygames.uk/products/justfriends-40k-doubles-18-06-22

See you there!

Team JustPlay

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