Event Report: Heresy Rising Learner Event!

Event Report: Heresy Rising Learner Event!

Ash Gavin

This weekend we held a special event for the new edition of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy!

Horus Heresy players

16 players showed up to complete their training!

The event was geared towards helping our community of Heresy players reach a level playing field of game knowledge, as the veterans of the Long War have had their numbers massively boosted with new players since the Age of Darkness launch. 

thousand sons marines in gloss red

Helpful plasma backup for when your psykers can't think right.

We didn't have any painting requirements on the day, with the focus being on gameplay and collaborating to get better as a group - but that didn't stop some beautifully turned out models from hitting the table!

World Eaters land raider with battle damage and freehand

Like this beautiful Land Raider by Peter Ryder

The winner was - everyone! But to be fair, John Ball scored the most points across his games while showing us how deadly drop pod assault can be! 

Blood Angel drop pods disgorging marines and a dreadnought

Steel rain!

You can check out all the armies people used here: https://tabletop.to/heresy-rising 

Our next Horus Heresy events will be on the 4th and 24th September, the former is a 3,000 point Narrative event which is currently sold out, but please get in touch with hello@justplaygames.uk if you want to be on the reserve list! 

The 24th will be 2,000 points of Matched play - stay tuned on our socials for tickets and rules pack!

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