Flesh & Blood Skirmish Event Round-Up

Flesh & Blood Skirmish Event Round-Up

Ritchie McAlley

Thanks to everyone who attended Flesh and Blood Skirmish Event, the first of the "special" events we have been able to host by LSS (thanks) We really appreciate it and hope you all had a great time!

The event in full swing!


After 4 rounds we had 4 players do battle to become champion. 
Our top 4 and Random Mat winner at the end of swiss
Top 4 gets underway.
The final seen Joe (Dash) vs James (Dorinthea) 3rd and 4th collected their promos and 6 packs each before grabbing ringside seats to the final.
Joe prepares to battle with Dash
James Draws what he hope will be a winning hand with Dorinthea
When the dust settled the game just got away from Joe he tried to push his tempo advantage with Dash. After his big turn he could not push enough damage though and ultimately decked out leaving James on 2 life. James and Dorinthea win!
Congratulations James!
We play Flesh & Blood every Tuesday at 6:30pm, we have decks for new players to try the game out. We are always looking for more players to Join the ranks.

See you at our next event!

Team JustPlay

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