Weekly Commander is back!

Ian O'Brien

Hi Guys,

Initially when we reopened the store after lockdown, we decided not to put on any weekly events, as we wanted to see what impact having the store open would have with only casual play taking place. We wanted to see how the new layout and safety measures would work for customers and staff, and decide if we were happy that our store was meeting Covid-secure guidelines. We're happy to announce that this has gone really well, and the procedures that we've implemented have been well understood and followed. In addition, the government guidelines have evolved, and we now feel that we're able to safely open for card gaming whilst adhering to the guidelines.

Initially we will be welcoming back our Magic the Gathering - Commander players on Wednesdays starting 2nd September, and the store opening hours will be updated to accommodate!

To maintain Covid safety and ensure that adequate distancing is possible, the event will be capped at 16 players each week and places must be booked online in advance - there will not be any tickets available "on the door". Games will be played on our 6x4 foot tables to ensure a covid-secure 1m+ distance between all players. Masks will be mandatory, as always. Please read our Covid guidelines and make sure you stick to them - our staff will be enforcing them rigorously.

You can find more information about the events and book your tickets here:


We look forward to seeing you back at the store!



Ritchie, Ian, and Team JustPlay


If your game or event isn't on our schedule yet, please be assured that we're working as quickly and as safely as we can to get back to normal. We'll post more updates as soon as we feel we can safely add more events to our calendar!

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New Stuff's Coming Home! 09-07-18

Ash Gavin

Players, we're back, and hotter than ever!

It's Prerelease weekend for Magic: The Gathering's core set, M19, and we're having a great time! It's not too late to preorder yourself a box full of dragons (may vary!), or a planeswalker deck. Don't forget, while stocks last you get a free Nexus of Fate with every booster box bought! 



Speaking of awesome prereleases, the Final Fantasy trading card game gets its latest addition this month! OPUS VI is here at last. We have a prerelease event this weekend, and we'd love to see you there. 



You might have noticed some stuff about football going around lately. Certain catchy songs being played, or just bellowed in the street. Well players, I'm here to tell you that Blood Bowl is coming home! The Naggaroth Nightmares are the latest team to take to the pitch in the game of Fantasy Football, and there's no question they're the absolute best team ever. One of the spikiest, anyway, and that counts for a lot in my book. 


So much for the Old World. In the Age of Sigmar, the battle for the silent city of Shadespire is heating up again with a whole lot of new cards! The Leaders pack features a ton of ploys, upgrades and objectives based around playing to your Leader's strengths or bolstering their weaknesses. 


While Shadespire is being shaken up, why stop with cards? At long last we have new tiles in the form of the Shattered City pack, featuring lethal terrain to avoid, or use to your own ends! 


Whatever you're playing this summer, enjoy, remember to get some sun, and remember our fridge is always well stocked! See you soon, players. 


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New is the new New - 25-6-2018

Ash Gavin


Welcome to another roundup of cool new stuff. 

This episode is brought to you by...

Magic: The Gathering! We've got the first of the Global Series decks, Jiang Yanggu and Mu Yanling - two strange journeys, intertwined by fate! Designed by Magic players in China  and realised by Chinese writers, artists and folklorists, this beautiful pair of decks is the first of a unique set, exploring the different expressions of MTG around the world. Supplies are limited, so get involved while you can! 

Fans of Arkham Horror, you twisted individuals, we've got Return to Night of the Zealot  available on pre-order! It's an updated return to this core Arkham campaign. Not for the faint-hearted!


This edition of the blog is brought to you by the colour green. Green Stuff World, to be precise! We've just become a supplier of the world's greatest hobby supply company, and we are loving it. It's hard to pick some highlights for you, honestly, but I'll try. How about...

Tiny leaf-punches!

Colour-changing paints! 

Rope and vine creators!

Runic textured rolling pins!

It's all so cool! Check out the full range here or just come in the shop and talk excitedly to me about everything. Like... little tiny sandbags! 

A corrugated metal maker! 

100 resin skulls!

I'll stop. See you next time, players (and painters, and sculptors, all of you!)

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What's New: 21-4-18 and beyond!

Ash Gavin

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New Releases 16-4-18: Dominaria and Deepkin!

Ash Gavin
Dominaria and Deepkin preorders are live at JustPlay!

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