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Commander is back!

Every Wednesday 16 players will do battle across 4 pods to become champion and take home their share of the prize boosters.

Although we cannot run a league right now due to the need to cap attendance at 16 players, we'll be keeping the spirit of the league alive - kills before turn 7 will be penalised and we'd ask everyone to consider the spirit of the Commander league when making your deck choices!

Please read our Covid guidelines for in-store play.



6pm start time

Pods of 3/4 playing multiplayer Commander. Maximum 16 players.

2 swiss rounds, 110 minute time limit

Points awarded by order of elimination, with the last player standing finishing 1st and so on:

1st 4 points

2nd 3 points

3rd 2 points

4th 1 point

Players eliminated at the same time will split points for their finishes.

Any player killing an opposing player before turn 7 will score 0 points for the round regardless of their finish.


Prizes and Entry 

£6 to enter, each player gets a booster pack on entry with additional booster prizes for the based on attendance, along with our prize wall.