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Opus 6 Prerelease Pack

Opus 6 Prerelease Pack


Opus 6 Prerelease is here and you can book your tickets now!

This release is surrounded by Magic the Gathering launch events so will be held on our established Wednesday Night!

Each player will recieve

  • 6 Opus VI booster packs
  • 1 Exclusive promo card
  • A bag of 5 Exclusive FINAL FANTASY XIV Tokens.

Once again we will be playing the new simplified sealed full rules.

It is aimed at less experienced players and the rules are altered as follows:

6 boosters per player Backups can be played using CP of any colour (Unless if there is a specific colour required in the card’s instructions. Forwards must still have at least 1 CP of their element paid as part of their cost).Flow of the game:

1. Each player should open their 6 boosters to create their “card pool”.
2. They should then build a deck using only the cards in their “card pool”.
3. Players should then participate in the tournament using the decks they have built.

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