What's New:  21-4-18 and beyond!

What's New: 21-4-18 and beyond!

Ash Gavin

Players, this weekend is incredibly exciting, so - shocker! - I'm sending out this Public Service Announcement early. 

If you haven't yet heard about Dominaria, you almost don't deserve this bit of news, but I'm going to give it to you anyway. Our FIRST EVER prerelease in our beautiful new store is happening this weekend! 

A week before a new Magic: The Gathering set goes on general release, we do a fun weekend of prerelease goodness. We have 5 events over the weekend (Midnight Friday, and twice each on Saturday and Sunday) for your enjoyment. Each one is its own Sealed event - 6 boosters and a promo card for you to build your deck - with additional promotional boosters just for attending, and even more good stuff in the prize pool! A big thank you to Ultimate Guard for their support.

You can still turn up and get all that, even if you don't want to play in the tournament - just sign up for the Prerelease Party and play other Partygoers at your own pace.

There's more! This prerelease is extra special. If you order your Dominaria booster display before the weekend and attend the prerelease, you can take that box of boosters away with you that same day. Not forgetting the Buy-A-Box exclusive card, Firesong and Sunspeaker. And we'll have Dominaria Planeswalker decks available all weekend too. 

Tickets are selling fast (especially for the Midnight event) so get hold of yours while you can! They're £25, but buy two and the second will cost you only £20. That's two promo cards, 14 boosters and a lot of games of Magic for £45. Bargain! 

As if that wasn't enough news, Age of Sigmar fans rejoice - the Idoneth Deepkin are getting even more reinforcements next week. Their King Volturnos, and the lethal Namarti Reavers will be joining the Thralls, Eidolon and the Warden of the Soul Ledgers on shelves, available to preorder Monday! 

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