Aether Revolt Launch - Thank You Players!

Ritchie McAlley

Hi Magic Players,

The last two weekends saw our biggest pre-release and launch weekends since we opened in March last year, and we'd like to thank all who attended and made it such a great weekend!

It was amazing to sell out completely (in advance, too) and for those of you that don't know, this means that for future events we can offer even more spaces. After such a great response to the pre-release we were really looking forward to the launch drafts at FNM on launch weekend, and we were not disappointed - 23 people turned up to fire almost 3 full pods, including a 7 man pod of new players taking part in their first ever draft!

So, a HUGE thank you to everyone who made the decision to celebrate the launch of Aether Revolt at JustPlay. We met a lot of new people, many of whom were visiting the store for their first time, attending their first pre-release, or drafting for the first time. We hope you all enjoyed it (and that the decks that Ritchie helped you all make were not too terrible), and we hope to see you soon for FNM and more.

Also thanks to those players who traveled from neighboring towns and cities to join us - it was great to meet you all and we hope that choosing JustPlay was worth the trip.

Finally, thanks to our local judges for taking time out from their own games to help new players with queries and new mechanics, and thanks to local judge Chris Ambery for keeping players up to date with our events via the Magic Liverpool Facebook Group.

The Aether Revolt launch celebrations continue this Friday 27th January with more drafts as well as standard, all of which is up on our events calendar that you can find here.

Thanks for reading!

Ritchie and Ian. 




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FFG Store Championships

Ritchie McAlley

We've now announced all of the dates for our packed FFG Store Championship season, all tickets are now on sale all priced at £12.50 for advanced purchases, and we have 32 places available for each of these events. We also have a driver reward scheme whereby if you bring a full car from another city the driver can enter for half price!

Tickets to all of these events are on sale now and you can find them here

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you!

The JustPlay Team

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Pokemon VG Premier Challenge Tournament Report

Ian O'Brien

This weekend seen 19 trainers do battle over 5 rounds of Swiss and a cut to the top 8.

It was a exciting event with the 50 minute timer playing a big part in numerous games even a sudden death overtime game and a very well timed evade for our eventual champion.

After 5 rounds of Swiss the standings looked like this

lots of players just missed the cut on the bubble.

At this point congratulations to our junior champion Jaden Davies and our reigning champion Jonathan Marston going 5-0 in the Swiss.

Very happy young man

Lets take a look at the Team lists of the Top 8 players.

Johnathan Marston

Tapu Koto, Garchomp, Gyarados, Kartana, Raichu, Gigalith.

Andrew Watson

Alola Muk, Kartana, Arcanine, Porygon2, Goodra, Tapu Fini.

Mathew Bowles

Tapu Lele, Garchomp, Gyarados, Ninetales, Magnezone, Muk.

Mike Abbott

Tapa Lele, Mudsdale, Arcanine, Magnezone, Porygon2, Araquanid.

Daniel Carroll

Celesteela, Goudra, Marowak, Gastrodon, Porygon2, Arcainine.

Jack Onslow

Tapu Koko, Garchomp, Kartana, Tapu Lele, Arcanine, Gastrodon.

Thomas Davies

Goodra, Kartana, Marowak, Gyarados, Ninetales, Pheromosa. 

Thomas Plater

Arcanine, Milotic, Kartana, Raicho-Alola, Muk-Alola, Tapu Lele.

Our top 8 players!

After all that he had some really close games in particular his Quarter Final match vs Thomas Platter but Johnathan Marston was our champion once again winning both JustPlay's Premier Challenge so far can you stop him at our next one!


Final standings

Top 8 matches

Finals and our winner.


Thanks to all who came and Mike and Adam for running the event for us we look forward to seeing you all again at our next event as we grow them and make them even better. 

The tickets for our next event on the 05/02/17 are available now, we are capped at 32 players so get them now to avoid missing out you can do so here.

Follow our Facebook for more updates about upcoming events at JustPlay


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Star Wars Destiny Organised Play

Ian O'Brien

JustPlay's Destiny Organised Play tournaments begin soon, and we thought we'd take this opportunity to talk a little about what we plan to do with our events to make them awesome as well as give you some information on the formats we intend to run!

Our events will run using the advanced tournament structure as laid out in the FFG Destiny Organised Play Rules. We've chosen to use this structure for its extended Swiss rounds and larger elimination cuts to provide more value for money and a better day of gaming for everyone. This event has tons of prizes - see below!

In addition to this, after the Swiss rounds, all of our events will feature a Second Chance Event - if you don't make the cut to the playoffs, play again in another tournament for absolutely free! Because the Swiss rounds in Destiny are quite quick to play, this second event (run using the basic tournament structure) will finish around the same time as the main event's elimination rounds finish. This event has an extra prize - see below for details!

Taking these two events together, it means that everyone attending a JustPlay Destiny event will get plenty of games packed into their day (and drivers won't have to hang around bored waiting for their friends who made the cut to play their games!)

As well as all this, we'll be filming video coverage and interviews for our YouTube channel (as well as feature matches - get yourself on camera!), Destiny Singles and supplies available at the venue.

All of the prizes in the kit will be up for grabs as well as tons of store credit that you can spend on anything in JustPlay (including Destiny Singles!) - We will be putting £50 store credit in the prize pool per 8 players from 16 players onward - that means if we sell out at 32 players, there will be £150 in the prize pool! This means that the following prizes will be up for grabs:

First Place

  • Alternate Art Kylo Ren Card
  • Set of Acrylic Resource Tokens
  • 50% of the store credit prize pool

Second Place

  • Alternate Art Kylo Ren Card or Set of Acrylic Resource Tokens (first choice)
  • 25% of the store credit prize pool

Third Place

  • Alternate Art Kylo Ren Card or Set of Acrylic Resource Tokens (second choice)
  • 12.5% of the store credit prize pool

Fourth Place

  • 12.5% of the store credit prize pool

All Top 16 competitors

  • Alternate Art First Order Tie Fighter

Second Chance Tournament Winner

  • Alternate Art Kylo Ren Card


Our Grand Tournament Series events are on the following dates - click the links to grab your tickets now!

Grand Tournament Series January 21st                 

Grand Tournament Series February 12th    

Grand Tournament Series March 12th 


Cheers and see you soon!

Team JustPlay













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Star Wars Destiny Tournament Meta and Top 4 Lists

Ritchie McAlley1 comment

This weekend at JustPlay we had our Christmas Party, part of which was a Destiny tournament which turned out to be quite sizeable at 16 players! A brilliant showing - the free cake might have made all the difference!

The structure we have been running for all of our Destiny events so far has been the following

  • Swiss Pairing
  • 75 minute matches
  • Each match is best of three games
  • At the end of the round time, players take 5 more turns after the currently active player has finished his turn

So with 16 players, we played 4 rounds of Swiss with a cut to top 4.

Players getting stuck in on round 1!

We had a really varied field taking part in the event, with some surprising decks having good success - the Destiny meta will be a varied one, not just Han/Rey and Vader/Raider as some people would have you believe! Here's a meta breakdown from the event:

  • Elite General Grievous, Count Dooku
  • Elite General Grievous, Jango Fett
  • Elite Padme, Rebel Trooper x2
  • Elite Kylo Ren, Storm Trooper x2
  • Darth Vader, Storm Trooper x2
  • Elite Kylo Ren, General Grievous
  • Elite General Veers, Nightsister x2
  • Bala-Tik, Nightsister, Storm Trooper x2 
  • Elite Leia Organa, Elite Rey
  • Elite Han Solo, Leia Organa
  • Elite Grievous, Kylo Ren
  • Elite Rey, Padawan x2
  • Elite Kylo Ren, Darth Vader
  • Nightsister x2, Storm Trooper x2
  • Elite Rey, Elite Qui-Gon Jinn
  • Elite Rey, Elite Han Solo 

After 4 rounds of Swiss the final standings looked like this:

Wills just missing the cut on tiebreakers!


Here are the decklists from the top 4 competitors:



(note that there's a little mistake here, Phil was actually playing Starship Graveyard)


Our top 4 competitors shaping their Destiny! 

Ian and Phil made it to the finals beating the top two Swiss finishers - both semi finals were rematches from the Swiss rounds that both of the winners had previously lost. A Hero vs Villain final was on the cards, and you can check it out below on our YouTube channel - there's also a winners' interview and deck tech!

Thanks once again for reading and watching! Follow us on Facebook and YouTube for even more Destiny content coming up soon!


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Teams in Focus Part II

Ritchie McAlley

"Welcome back to my Teams in Focus segment from the Eirie Downs League this week I have interviews with the head coaches of three more teams from across the conferences including a very special interview!

So sit back relax and enjoy the read"

"Whats your teams name Coach?"

We're The Strix Strikers from Lustria.

"Tell me about them and their history so far?"

We've got some hungry, new blood here. We've recently come over from Lustria and we're lucky enough to grab a place this league. My boys are a bit rough around the edges, but we got some good guys here, and I think we'll do well.

"Coach tell me a bit about yourself and your achievements before you became head coach of the Strix Strikers?" 

Ex-pro player in the Lustrian League until I was taken out by some sort of Dwarf warmachine. How the referee on that day didn't see them roll it, I will never know.

I've taken a few years out of the game, but now I'm back with a passion. I might not be able to play anymore, but I can sure lead these guys to glory.

"Which of your players should the fans be keeping a eye in the upcoming season?"

One of my Skink players is a hungry young player who goes by the name of Forest. Found him in the deep south of Lustria. Boy that kid can run. Unfortunately, some human player tackled him pretty bad in our first game of the league, and he's going to be out for a game according to our new team apothecary.

"You have a tough first few games what your tactics coming in to the first 4 games of the season?"

A few tough first games are always to be expected when coming into a new league. We're just got to give it all we got, and take it to the other teams. Some of the teams have been playing for years, and were aiming to at least get one past them, learn from what works and what doesn't and learn from our mistakes.

"Blood Bowl is a rough sport how you do you intend to expand, or just survive the first games though recruitment"?

My team are a hardy bunch, we've had our armour designed by some of the best in Lustria. It will take a good battering before it breaks. As for expansion, let's get a few games down, and see how the gold comes in. I've already got one of my players out after the first game, so I'm hoping to hire some more young blood from the spawning pools, and hope that we get a couple of players who are magic.

"Finally coach where do you expect to finish this season?"

As any team, we're hoping to finish near the top, but we have to be realistic. We're going up against some truly skilled teams, and to just play against them is an honour. As long as we don't come bottom of the league, I think my players will be happy, and we will bring some fan factor back with us to Lustria.

"What's your teams name Coach?"

Der SchimmelReiterz!
"Tell me about them and their history"
Independent of the cowardly and weak weak masters of Clan Rigens we moved to the tunnels below the barren wastelands of Naggorath many many years ago but not before we kidnapped the grandest breeding expert experts of Clan moulders to produce the meanest and vicious vicious grey rats the old or new world has ever seen seen. We snook snook into the home legendary dark elf blitzer Dagorac Doomsorrow and stole his son and forced Dagorac to train our broods before he was eaten eaten by a rat ogre hehehehe
But now we are returned returned to show Clan Rigens and all of the Eirie Downs inferior teams how to play and bleed bleed
We will win win and kill kill all
"Coach tell me a bit about yourself and your achievements before you became head coach of Der SchimmelReiterz"
The auspicious 13th spawn spawn of 47 rats with 2 heads and claw claws of steel I was chosen chosen by Skrit Warpweaver of Clan Moulder to be trained by Clan Rigens as a blitzer for the Sylvania Sewerhawks. I rose rose thru the ranks fast fast and became famous after disembowelling a Kroxigor who had just swallowed a fellow lineman whole whole saving him. Before I could rise rise to my rightful place of legend I was attacked on the eve of the Skaven Bowl XXXIV final, a Clan Eshin assassin stab stabbed me and the poison although not kill killing me ended my career and I left left to plot my revenge on the jealous Clan Rigen Masters
"Which of your players should the fans be keeping an eye on in the upcoming season"
Gutter Runner Sninq Shadowblight is as fast fast as he is cruel cruel in a recent exhibition against Chaos Dwarfs Hashut Harbringers he slice sliced the tendons of a centaur who stopped him from scoring a TD, the scream screams of agony on the sideline were a fitting accompaniment to him going on to then score score 3 TD's
"You have a tough first few games what are your tactics coming into the first 4 games of the season?"
An inferior race like yours Richard Von Macanov couldn't comprehend superior Skaven minds so let me simplify it for you we will run fast fast and dodge dodge to score score and of course kill kill hehehehe
"Blood bowl is a rough sport how do you intend to expand or just survive the first games through recruitment?"
We are Skaven we will breed breed and mutate players greater greater than anyone else
"Finally coach were do you expect to finish this season"
Sitting atop the mound of bones of my fellow coaches players drinking blood blood from the trophy.
"Whats your teams name Coach?"

'Braindead United'. We're a new local squad in the West Division drafted entirely from ex-members of the Eirie Downs community.   

"Tell me about them and their history so far?"

During the last full moon I went down to the cemetary to do a spot of graverobbing, as you do. When I got there, there was a massive dog snuffling round the graves looking for old bones. So I called her over and got her to helping me dig. The first grave turned up a lovely pewter ring, a pair of false teeth and a glass eye for me, and the dog (I called her Kitty) got to chow down on some pretty stinky intestines for her efforts.

I know a bit of the ol' Dark Magicks from my time in the Boy Scouts, so I wove a conjuring and puppeted the unearthed cadaver up onto its feet. I gave it a spare shovel and we all got to digging up more graves. I always bring a few extra shovels, and every new corpse that gets dug up is animated and added to the workcrew for the graveyard shift.  By the end of the night, I had a good haul of buttons, coins, cheap jewellery and a pair of boots that fit me just right - lovely leather ones too, barely had a maggot in them.

It was getting on for sunrise, so just as I was about to send the workcrew back into their graves I noticed that they'd started fighting amongst themselves.  They were scrapping over a decapitated head with a particuarly tasty smelling brain in its box.  Seeing them shambling around after the head and grabbing it off each other gave me an idea. The idea? ...that I could make money out of these braindead idiots!

"Coach tell me a bit about yourself and your achievements before you became head coach of Braindead United?"  

I've had many titles in my time: thief, hobo, convict, juggalo, schemer, drunk...  the list goes on. I've never been a coach before, although the league officials tell me that I have many life skills from my chequered past more than qualify me for this gig.  

"Which of your players should the fans be keeping a eye in the upcoming season?"

Kitty is definitely gonna be the big attraction this season - turns out she's not a dog at all - she's a bleedin' werewolf! How weird is that?  

"You have a tough first few games what your tactics coming in to the first 4 games of the season?"

This season is not about tactics, it's about earning me money.  As long as there is death and carnage on the pitch then fans will pay to come through those turnstiles.  It doesnt matter if my team members die - they're already dead. I'll just go and dig up some new ones.

"Blood Bowl is a rough sport how you do you intend to expand, or just survive the first games though recruitment"?

Well, I've heard that there's a wee cemetary on the town outskirts, so Im gonna take a trip out there on a recruitment drive. Also, Kitty tells me she's got a younger brother who is about to hit puberty - if he turns out to be a moonlight bumsniffer then I'll be drafting him onto the team too.  

"Finally coach were do you expect to finish this season?"

Fingers crossed, by the end of the season I expect to be heading to the coast with Eirie Downs a fading memory behind me. I fancy exploring the world a bit...   Also,  there's a few outstanding warrants for my arrest - so if I dont leave this miserable place soon, then by the end of the season I'll be back in jail.
"And now a interview with one of the leagues rookie players, Ozzy rookie blocker for the Reiksfang Penitentiary Racketeers we are pleased to get to chat to one of the top drafted players this year after the Racketeers head coach refused to talk to me accusing me of favoritism to one of the Dwarf team in the league! a professional like me??"
No 6 Ozzy of the Reiksfang Penitentiary Racketeers
Ozzy... how are you feeling before the season starts of the Eirie Downs League Season 1
Hey Rich, looking forward to it looking to bite a few heads of the opposition and push them into my screaming fans.
Since your retirement from the music business and incarceration, how have things worked out, and how did you get recruited by the Racketeers?
I had to retire after crushing the bands manager into a tiny ball after he hit on Shaz. Shaz was getting tired of all the female attention I was getting as well. But since the manager worked for vampire entrepreneur Richard Handsome I got put away in Reiksfang slammer. But it ended well, the wife is happy I'm way from the groupies and I got a new football career.
Ozzy, how do you feel about the rumors that the Racketeers are just a smoke screen to smuggle contraband in and out of the prison and the team owner and also the Reiksfang prison warden Grassnitch Deep Pocket is just using the team to make a quick sack of gold.
I ain't been smuggling nothing Rich, I don't have the room downstairs to pack anything more *winks at camera*. But you just need to look at our tournament history to see we mean business.
What you mean you crushing defeats at the NAF Championships 2013 with 4 loses and 2 draws and almost the retirement of you star Werewolf.
High Tale may not have his bushy tail anymore, after it was torn free by a black orc but with regular prison visitations from the missus he seems to be on the mend. Which shows in our recent performance in the Victory Cup.
Thanks for your time Ozzy see you on the field... There you go sports fans, with the Racketeers luck on the change, it looks to be a exciting season ahead of us at the Eirie Downs.
"Thanks for reading sports fans and thanks to all the coaches so far who has taken the time out from training sessions to talk to me"
Richard Von Macanov

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Eirie Downs League Kick Off and "Teams in Focus"

Ritchie McAlley
"Hello sports fans Richard Von Macanov reporting in on weeks 1-4 of the Blood Bowls newest league The Eirie Downs
20 teams signed up and this has exploded!  The best place to get your Football fix with new coach's, veteran coaches, some coming out of retirement, back from the dead and even one very unwilling participant its set to be a exciting season.
With 20 teams the league commissioner has split this into two divisions the East and the West 
A few games have already taken place I wont go into much detail now but our first casualties are in with a Skaven Lineman and a Chaos Warrior currently in free agency. Local Necromancer sports agent Terry Mcquire has snapped them onto his books he has been helping football wags squeeze every penny out of there spouses for years as Terry always says Death is not the end of a promising career in Blood Bowl so expect them back on the pitch in no time maybe a little slower and greener but still.
Next up the start of my Teams in Focus series I have been out interviewing some of the teams entered and now I can bring them to you exclusively thanks to our sponsors JustSwords.

"What's your team's name Coach?"

We are.... VIOLENT DESIRE! Catchy, don't you think?

"Tell me about them and their history so far?" 

In the last few years, we played a couple of seasons in the nearby Victory Doughnut League. We even won once, after a nail-biting final against some rather seductive young elf-ladies. Well, I say young, but with elves you can never be sure, you know? (That's what I told the judge anyway). We played a couple of tournaments with the Doughnut types too, made it to the final in both, but came up a little short. A little too much nightshade in our pre-game refreshments, perhaps.

Recently, we had to leave that area due to a certain event which our lawyers won't let me discuss. Well, I say we, I actually had to ditch most of the team. Left in a bit of a rush. You know how villagers with pitchforks and torches get...

But I've found a promising new bunch of youngsters, a new home nearby here in the Eirie Downs, and I'm looking forward to entering a new era in the team's history, with our usual mix of finesse, violence, and overindulgence.

"Coach tell me a bit about yourself and your achievements before you became head coach of Violent Desire?"

It's all a bit of a haze, to be honest. I was doing a lot of madcap mushrooms in the early days, and those things kick like a mule (you're a local, right? Remind me to speak to you later about the local fungus hotspots). Anyway, sometimes I still forget my own name. But they were good times. At least, I assume so, as I made it through them relatively unscarred.

"Which of your players should the fans be keeping a eye in the upcoming season?" 

Well, it's still early days, but I've got my eye on two of the boys in particular. If Rob "The Throb" Bing, and Rick "Thick" Ness can provide the spectators with half as much fun as the 3 of us had last night in the post-training showers, it's gonna be a hell of a season.

"You have a tough first few games, what are your tactics coming in to the first 4 games of the season?" 

Tactics? What a novel idea! I'll have to look into that. I usually just shovel as many mind-altering substances as I can into the team and unleash them on whichever poor unsuspecting fools have agreed to play us.

"Blood Bowl is rough sport; how you do you intend to expand, or just survive the first games though recruitment"?

I don't think that will be a problem. I've never had any trouble recruiting new players. By the way, you're a strapping young fellow: have you ever considered playing? I think you'd look rather dashing in something pastel orange and bilious green. Preferably something in extremely tight leather. I even have a delightful shocking pink codpiece you could wear, you might just need to give it a thorough disinfecting...

"Finally coach were do you expect to finish this season?"

We're aiming for the top, of course. The better we do, the more fans we seduce, the more opponents we slaughter, and the more of our opponent's team's mascots we bed, just means all the more glory to our unholy master Slaan... er, do excuse me, I must dash, my PR man is suddenly beckoning me quite urgently, and he has a very concerned look on his face. See you on the pitch!

Whats your teams name Coach?"

The Dantes Inferno's           

"Tell me about them and their history so far?"

We are a new team coming back from a quest looking for a way to become stronger, we now ready to be able to kill anything in our path

"Coach tell me a bit about yourself and your achievements before you became head coach of The Dantes Inferno's?"

Nothing really much to know about me was a peasant and been ordered by the team to be head coach and if we come last I will get my head chopped off.

"Which of your players should the fans be keeping a eye in the upcoming season?"

Keep looking for all my blitzers as they will be smashing and killing all your team before the final whistle (But keep a look out for Vergil he the most blood thirsty I swear he maybe a vampire)

"You have a tough first few games what your tactics coming in to the first 4 games of the season?"

Smash and kill all the other team so It be easy coming the next game against them

"Blood Bowl is rough sport how you do you intend to expand, or just survive the first games though recruitment"?

I will keep all players alive and be able to expand on all skills to become unstoppable

"Finally coach were do you expect to finish this season?"

I would like not to finish last as I like my head….


"Whats your teams name Coach?"

Middenheim Mischief

"Tell me about them and their history so far?"

The Skaven population in the tunnels underneath Middenheim have historically been oppressed by the up tight human population. As a result until now they have not had the opportunity to play the game due to the numerous warrants that were in place on the players' heads. 

"Coach tell me a bit about yourself and your achievements before you became head coach of Middenheim Mischief?"  

New to blood bowl, my sporting pedigree has come from my work in mob football - the preferred sport of the empire's artisans. Sadly my work as a trade union representative, providing swords for hire to the artisanal teams, got me in a bit of trouble. Having provided an orc savage to one of the local fishing teams, the ensuing blood bath did not go down well with their stone mason opponents. I was being chased out of town but found a small crevice to hide in. The next thing I knew was I was falling into a dark pit and the rats were all over me. If it wasn't for my sporting knowledge and a small bag of the purest, finely ground warpstone in my pocket I'm sure I would have been killer. 

"Which of your players should the fans be keeping a eye in the upcoming season?"

One of the blitzer's warpstone addiction has got the better of him.. he'll do anything to get a hit. Someone might have also told him that Blood bowl players are notorious for keeping a stash of the stuff under their helmets. 

"You have a tough first few games what your tactics coming in to the first 4 games of the season?"

The main priorities are three fold.. keep the rats alive... maintain supplies of warpstone.. keep me alive.  I suspect winning will be the best way to do that but I'll probably have to get creative. 

"Blood Bowl is rough sport how you do you intend to expand, or just survive the first games though recruitment"?

Luckily these rats breed like well.. rats.. I have a near endless supply of linemen. I just need to keep the slightly skilled alive. 

"Finally coach were do you expect to finish this season?"

With sun over head.. not stuck in one of the warlock engineer's experiments. 

"Whats your teams name Coach?"

The Greasby Grave Runners

 "Tell me about them and their history so far?"

A rookie team formed in May 2516 from the reincarnated residents of Greasby BBFC, some players dating back to the Doomsday book

"Coach tell me a bit about yourself and your achievements before you became head coach of The Greasby Grave Runners?"  

Bloodbowl achievement: One of the founders of the Geordie Blood Bowl League, winning the 4th season.

Bloodbowl low: coaching an Undead team to a 3-0 loss versus 16 Snotlings and a Wizard!!

"Which of your players should the fans be keeping a eye in the upcoming season?"

Luther Van Block. A rookie Mummy whose heritage links to the four horse men of the apocalypse, he has an inclination for unnecessary levels of violence - killing or maiming 249 players in pre-season alone

"You have a tough first few games what your tactics coming in to the first 4 games of the season?"


"Blood Bowl is rough sport how you do you intend to expand, or just survive the first games though recruitment"?

KILL!KILL!KILL! And then raise the Dead...

"Finally coach were do you expect to finish this season?"

Somewhere between the pitch and the Grave

Thanks for reading and I hope that gave you some insight into this weeks featured teams we have plenty more interviews in the editing department and more to come so stay tuned to this reporters blog and events by subscribing here and follow our social media.



"Richard Von Macanov"


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X-Wing November Tournament Top 4 Lists

Ritchie McAlley

Our final Summer Kit Event is here in what feels like the longest summer ever! Very happy to welcome the new quarterly cycle in another great move from FFG with there organised play. Interest always dropped towards the end of these long cycles once people had the cards/tokens they needed, new system should keep it fresh.

Before I move onto the Top 4 lists let me first congratulate our winner on the day Dan Sellen who just managed to steal the victory from the grasps of Aaron Schofield on margin of victory after Aaron had managed to be the only player on three wins in to round four.

Final standings

Top 4 Lists

Dan Sellen

Aarron Schofield

Dave Friend

Micheal Bennett

Thank you all for those who took part and your continuing support, its appreciated we will be back next year with the new quarter one kit but in the mean time why not join us at our Christmas party and Mini X-wing Tournament with free food, prizes and only £3 entry get your ticket here. 

Fly casual 


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Blood Bowl: Victory Doughnut Winter Cup Tournament Report

Ritchie McAlley

What a weekend the return of one of my favorite games of all time and this time being the lucky owner of FLGS I get to be in a great posistion to run events and help support and build a great community around it!

The Coaches 

This event with the help of Nathan Ward (an established Blood Bowl Tournament Organizer and member of the Victory Doughnut Blood Bowl League) was arranged to celebrate the launch of the new edition of Blood Bowl. In the end we had a total of 8 coaches turn up for the event and excitingly a couple of new coaches taking the plunge in to the game both who picked it up really quick and picked up some wins to! Thanks Christian and Callum for taking part.

He had a great spread of teams Wood Elf, Orcs, Chaos, Skaven, Necromantic, Nurgle and High Elf.

Some pics of day and teams, thanks to Stephen

For those of you who are new to the game the popular tournament rules for Blood Bowl are a lot different to how a league plays out. Called a "Resurrection" Tournament your players are returned to you all fresh (and alive) for each game this has quite a lot of effect on your starting team roster, filling positional slots in particular were in league play you may take cheaper lineman to at least have some reserves as they drop dead. The second and most interesting part is you get to give six of your players a skill upgrade, or give up two skill choices to take a skill a player can normally have as a double. This allows you to give your team some real direction and help balance some gaps you may have in certain match ups, its also worth noting to also help with balance vs some of the more cost effective team such as Orcs this event was ran with 1.1 million gold crowns.

In the final round we had only Nathan on two wins with his High Elf team "The Angels" Noel (Chaos) and Stephen (Necromantic) both had a draw in the previous round so this left Noel with a chance to steal victory from Nathan with a win if you could hold of Stephens though tie breakers (Casualties and Touchdowns) Luckily it was not settled this way with Nathan taking a clear win on table one and finally taking home the title!


Congratulations Nathan


You can see the final standings below also the winning coaches team roster.

 Wood Elfs did not treat me well today!

Thanks to all all who came today I had a great time was real fun to get some games in brought back some great memories even if I was super rusty and err very greedy dam turn overs! Next up with have our league starting you can read all about the Eirie Downs league here and follow all the updates on our Facebook Event here.

Thanks for reading sports fans, Blood Bowl is back!


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Star Wars Destiny Launch Party Recap

Ian O'Brien

This past Sunday saw JustPlay's launch party for Fantasy Flights Games' latest release, Star Wars: Destiny! 

Everyone got the starter of their choice, Kylo Ren or Rey, along with that one booster and loads of promo goodies only available at the launch party.

Every player walked away with a promo Rey, deck box and poster


We had a sell out event which meant 24 players all playing Destiny for the first time! Everyone cracked their starters and played a few games. Learning the rules of the game was really simple to learn and with Ian and Ritchie helping, everyone had it down in no time. Once everyone was comfortable, everyone opened their extra five packs, set about creating a deck, and then took part in a three-round Swiss battle of Dark vs Light....

...and Kylo defeated Rey!

Thanks to everyone who took part and got involved, it was really fun and exciting to see all of the new character cards - Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Admiral Ackbar, and of course lots of Stormtroopers! Here are the results for the end of the day, congrats to Mark on his top finish!

We also had a raffle for some awesome POP! Rey and Kylo bobbleheads, Rey was won by Chris Zee and Kylo by Chris Marooth, congrats guys!

 Chris Zee with his new mascot

A great time was had by all, meeting fellow Destiny players and giving our Destiny community a healthy start.

Starting in the new year, JustPlay will be running weekly Destiny events on Friday nights as well as monthly FFG organised play kits. And coming up on official release weekend, we have 'Tournament One' that you can all take part in - click here to grab yourself a ticket!


Thanks for reading and we'll see you soon for more Destiny!

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