Teams in Focus Part II

Teams in Focus Part II

Ritchie McAlley

"Welcome back to my Teams in Focus segment from the Eirie Downs League this week I have interviews with the head coaches of three more teams from across the conferences including a very special interview!

So sit back relax and enjoy the read"

"Whats your teams name Coach?"

We're The Strix Strikers from Lustria.

"Tell me about them and their history so far?"

We've got some hungry, new blood here. We've recently come over from Lustria and we're lucky enough to grab a place this league. My boys are a bit rough around the edges, but we got some good guys here, and I think we'll do well.

"Coach tell me a bit about yourself and your achievements before you became head coach of the Strix Strikers?" 

Ex-pro player in the Lustrian League until I was taken out by some sort of Dwarf warmachine. How the referee on that day didn't see them roll it, I will never know.

I've taken a few years out of the game, but now I'm back with a passion. I might not be able to play anymore, but I can sure lead these guys to glory.

"Which of your players should the fans be keeping a eye in the upcoming season?"

One of my Skink players is a hungry young player who goes by the name of Forest. Found him in the deep south of Lustria. Boy that kid can run. Unfortunately, some human player tackled him pretty bad in our first game of the league, and he's going to be out for a game according to our new team apothecary.

"You have a tough first few games what your tactics coming in to the first 4 games of the season?"

A few tough first games are always to be expected when coming into a new league. We're just got to give it all we got, and take it to the other teams. Some of the teams have been playing for years, and were aiming to at least get one past them, learn from what works and what doesn't and learn from our mistakes.

"Blood Bowl is a rough sport how you do you intend to expand, or just survive the first games though recruitment"?

My team are a hardy bunch, we've had our armour designed by some of the best in Lustria. It will take a good battering before it breaks. As for expansion, let's get a few games down, and see how the gold comes in. I've already got one of my players out after the first game, so I'm hoping to hire some more young blood from the spawning pools, and hope that we get a couple of players who are magic.

"Finally coach where do you expect to finish this season?"

As any team, we're hoping to finish near the top, but we have to be realistic. We're going up against some truly skilled teams, and to just play against them is an honour. As long as we don't come bottom of the league, I think my players will be happy, and we will bring some fan factor back with us to Lustria.

"What's your teams name Coach?"

Der SchimmelReiterz!
"Tell me about them and their history"
Independent of the cowardly and weak weak masters of Clan Rigens we moved to the tunnels below the barren wastelands of Naggorath many many years ago but not before we kidnapped the grandest breeding expert experts of Clan moulders to produce the meanest and vicious vicious grey rats the old or new world has ever seen seen. We snook snook into the home legendary dark elf blitzer Dagorac Doomsorrow and stole his son and forced Dagorac to train our broods before he was eaten eaten by a rat ogre hehehehe
But now we are returned returned to show Clan Rigens and all of the Eirie Downs inferior teams how to play and bleed bleed
We will win win and kill kill all
"Coach tell me a bit about yourself and your achievements before you became head coach of Der SchimmelReiterz"
The auspicious 13th spawn spawn of 47 rats with 2 heads and claw claws of steel I was chosen chosen by Skrit Warpweaver of Clan Moulder to be trained by Clan Rigens as a blitzer for the Sylvania Sewerhawks. I rose rose thru the ranks fast fast and became famous after disembowelling a Kroxigor who had just swallowed a fellow lineman whole whole saving him. Before I could rise rise to my rightful place of legend I was attacked on the eve of the Skaven Bowl XXXIV final, a Clan Eshin assassin stab stabbed me and the poison although not kill killing me ended my career and I left left to plot my revenge on the jealous Clan Rigen Masters
"Which of your players should the fans be keeping an eye on in the upcoming season"
Gutter Runner Sninq Shadowblight is as fast fast as he is cruel cruel in a recent exhibition against Chaos Dwarfs Hashut Harbringers he slice sliced the tendons of a centaur who stopped him from scoring a TD, the scream screams of agony on the sideline were a fitting accompaniment to him going on to then score score 3 TD's
"You have a tough first few games what are your tactics coming into the first 4 games of the season?"
An inferior race like yours Richard Von Macanov couldn't comprehend superior Skaven minds so let me simplify it for you we will run fast fast and dodge dodge to score score and of course kill kill hehehehe
"Blood bowl is a rough sport how do you intend to expand or just survive the first games through recruitment?"
We are Skaven we will breed breed and mutate players greater greater than anyone else
"Finally coach were do you expect to finish this season"
Sitting atop the mound of bones of my fellow coaches players drinking blood blood from the trophy.
"Whats your teams name Coach?"

'Braindead United'. We're a new local squad in the West Division drafted entirely from ex-members of the Eirie Downs community.   

"Tell me about them and their history so far?"

During the last full moon I went down to the cemetary to do a spot of graverobbing, as you do. When I got there, there was a massive dog snuffling round the graves looking for old bones. So I called her over and got her to helping me dig. The first grave turned up a lovely pewter ring, a pair of false teeth and a glass eye for me, and the dog (I called her Kitty) got to chow down on some pretty stinky intestines for her efforts.

I know a bit of the ol' Dark Magicks from my time in the Boy Scouts, so I wove a conjuring and puppeted the unearthed cadaver up onto its feet. I gave it a spare shovel and we all got to digging up more graves. I always bring a few extra shovels, and every new corpse that gets dug up is animated and added to the workcrew for the graveyard shift.  By the end of the night, I had a good haul of buttons, coins, cheap jewellery and a pair of boots that fit me just right - lovely leather ones too, barely had a maggot in them.

It was getting on for sunrise, so just as I was about to send the workcrew back into their graves I noticed that they'd started fighting amongst themselves.  They were scrapping over a decapitated head with a particuarly tasty smelling brain in its box.  Seeing them shambling around after the head and grabbing it off each other gave me an idea. The idea? ...that I could make money out of these braindead idiots!

"Coach tell me a bit about yourself and your achievements before you became head coach of Braindead United?"  

I've had many titles in my time: thief, hobo, convict, juggalo, schemer, drunk...  the list goes on. I've never been a coach before, although the league officials tell me that I have many life skills from my chequered past more than qualify me for this gig.  

"Which of your players should the fans be keeping a eye in the upcoming season?"

Kitty is definitely gonna be the big attraction this season - turns out she's not a dog at all - she's a bleedin' werewolf! How weird is that?  

"You have a tough first few games what your tactics coming in to the first 4 games of the season?"

This season is not about tactics, it's about earning me money.  As long as there is death and carnage on the pitch then fans will pay to come through those turnstiles.  It doesnt matter if my team members die - they're already dead. I'll just go and dig up some new ones.

"Blood Bowl is a rough sport how you do you intend to expand, or just survive the first games though recruitment"?

Well, I've heard that there's a wee cemetary on the town outskirts, so Im gonna take a trip out there on a recruitment drive. Also, Kitty tells me she's got a younger brother who is about to hit puberty - if he turns out to be a moonlight bumsniffer then I'll be drafting him onto the team too.  

"Finally coach were do you expect to finish this season?"

Fingers crossed, by the end of the season I expect to be heading to the coast with Eirie Downs a fading memory behind me. I fancy exploring the world a bit...   Also,  there's a few outstanding warrants for my arrest - so if I dont leave this miserable place soon, then by the end of the season I'll be back in jail.
"And now a interview with one of the leagues rookie players, Ozzy rookie blocker for the Reiksfang Penitentiary Racketeers we are pleased to get to chat to one of the top drafted players this year after the Racketeers head coach refused to talk to me accusing me of favoritism to one of the Dwarf team in the league! a professional like me??"
No 6 Ozzy of the Reiksfang Penitentiary Racketeers
Ozzy... how are you feeling before the season starts of the Eirie Downs League Season 1
Hey Rich, looking forward to it looking to bite a few heads of the opposition and push them into my screaming fans.
Since your retirement from the music business and incarceration, how have things worked out, and how did you get recruited by the Racketeers?
I had to retire after crushing the bands manager into a tiny ball after he hit on Shaz. Shaz was getting tired of all the female attention I was getting as well. But since the manager worked for vampire entrepreneur Richard Handsome I got put away in Reiksfang slammer. But it ended well, the wife is happy I'm way from the groupies and I got a new football career.
Ozzy, how do you feel about the rumors that the Racketeers are just a smoke screen to smuggle contraband in and out of the prison and the team owner and also the Reiksfang prison warden Grassnitch Deep Pocket is just using the team to make a quick sack of gold.
I ain't been smuggling nothing Rich, I don't have the room downstairs to pack anything more *winks at camera*. But you just need to look at our tournament history to see we mean business.
What you mean you crushing defeats at the NAF Championships 2013 with 4 loses and 2 draws and almost the retirement of you star Werewolf.
High Tale may not have his bushy tail anymore, after it was torn free by a black orc but with regular prison visitations from the missus he seems to be on the mend. Which shows in our recent performance in the Victory Cup.
Thanks for your time Ozzy see you on the field... There you go sports fans, with the Racketeers luck on the change, it looks to be a exciting season ahead of us at the Eirie Downs.
"Thanks for reading sports fans and thanks to all the coaches so far who has taken the time out from training sessions to talk to me"
Richard Von Macanov

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