Aether Revolt Launch - Thank You Players!

Aether Revolt Launch - Thank You Players!

Ritchie McAlley

Hi Magic Players,

The last two weekends saw our biggest pre-release and launch weekends since we opened in March last year, and we'd like to thank all who attended and made it such a great weekend!

It was amazing to sell out completely (in advance, too) and for those of you that don't know, this means that for future events we can offer even more spaces. After such a great response to the pre-release we were really looking forward to the launch drafts at FNM on launch weekend, and we were not disappointed - 23 people turned up to fire almost 3 full pods, including a 7 man pod of new players taking part in their first ever draft!

So, a HUGE thank you to everyone who made the decision to celebrate the launch of Aether Revolt at JustPlay. We met a lot of new people, many of whom were visiting the store for their first time, attending their first pre-release, or drafting for the first time. We hope you all enjoyed it (and that the decks that Ritchie helped you all make were not too terrible), and we hope to see you soon for FNM and more.

Also thanks to those players who traveled from neighboring towns and cities to join us - it was great to meet you all and we hope that choosing JustPlay was worth the trip.

Finally, thanks to our local judges for taking time out from their own games to help new players with queries and new mechanics, and thanks to local judge Chris Ambery for keeping players up to date with our events via the Magic Liverpool Facebook Group.

The Aether Revolt launch celebrations continue this Friday 27th January with more drafts as well as standard, all of which is up on our events calendar that you can find here.

Thanks for reading!

Ritchie and Ian. 




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