X-Wing Q1 Tournament Report and Squad Lists

X-Wing Q1 Tournament Report and Squad Lists

Ritchie McAlley

Our first X-Wing event of 2017 saw 18 players attempting to pilot their ships to victory! With FFG's Q1 Tournament Kit and £50 of JustPlay store credit as prizes, the meta broke down as follows:

7 Rebel, 5 Imperial and 6 scum - a very even field


18 players meant that MOV would be crucial, and it was in the last round, with our previous tournament champion Dan Sellen missing out on the top 4 cut by a small ship's worth of points.

Final Standings after round 4


Congratulations to our top 4 players - you can check out their lists below:


Dave Friend 

Robert Gogacz

Angus Hamill-Stewart

Stephen Denton

Our Top 4 (left to right): Angus, Robert, David and Stephen

The first semi final saw our two locals, David (undefeated in the swiss) and Stephen square off - they'd done brilliantly to get to the semis but only one could advance, and Stephen took the win!

In the second semi final, Robert took on Angus, with a convincing win to the experienced Commonwealth Defender pilot; congratulations to Angus on getting to the semis, it was his first time at one of our events and I know he was very happy to make it that far.

In the final, Stephen - in his first X-Wing tournament, to boot - was excited to take on veteran and previous JustPlay tournament winner Robert. Robert's experience carried the day, so congratulations to Robert; the first winner in our tournament series for 2017!

Stephen (left) and our winner Robert (right)


Thanks for reading! If you'd like to attend our next X-Wing event, it takes place on Sunday 26/02/17 and you can get your tickets here.

Fly Casual!

Team JustPlay

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