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Star Wars Destiny Organised Play

JustPlay's Destiny Organised Play tournaments begin soon, and we thought we'd take this opportunity to talk a little about what we plan to do with our events to make them awesome as well as give you some information on the formats we intend to run!

Our events will run using the advanced tournament structure as laid out in the FFG Destiny Organised Play Rules. We've chosen to use this structure for its extended Swiss rounds and larger elimination cuts to provide more value for money and a better day of gaming for everyone. This event has tons of prizes - see below!

In addition to this, after the Swiss rounds, all of our events will feature a Second Chance Event - if you don't make the cut to the playoffs, play again in another tournament for absolutely free! Because the Swiss rounds in Destiny are quite quick to play, this second event (run using the basic tournament structure) will finish around the same time as the main event's elimination rounds finish. This event has an extra prize - see below for details!

Taking these two events together, it means that everyone attending a JustPlay Destiny event will get plenty of games packed into their day (and drivers won't have to hang around bored waiting for their friends who made the cut to play their games!)

As well as all this, we'll be filming video coverage and interviews for our YouTube channel (as well as feature matches - get yourself on camera!), Destiny Singles and supplies available at the venue.

All of the prizes in the kit will be up for grabs as well as tons of store credit that you can spend on anything in JustPlay (including Destiny Singles!) - We will be putting £50 store credit in the prize pool per 8 players from 16 players onward - that means if we sell out at 32 players, there will be £150 in the prize pool! This means that the following prizes will be up for grabs:

First Place

  • Alternate Art Kylo Ren Card
  • Set of Acrylic Resource Tokens
  • 50% of the store credit prize pool

Second Place

  • Alternate Art Kylo Ren Card or Set of Acrylic Resource Tokens (first choice)
  • 25% of the store credit prize pool

Third Place

  • Alternate Art Kylo Ren Card or Set of Acrylic Resource Tokens (second choice)
  • 12.5% of the store credit prize pool

Fourth Place

  • 12.5% of the store credit prize pool

All Top 16 competitors

  • Alternate Art First Order Tie Fighter

Second Chance Tournament Winner

  • Alternate Art Kylo Ren Card


Our Grand Tournament Series events are on the following dates - click the links to grab your tickets now!

Grand Tournament Series January 21st                 

Grand Tournament Series February 12th    

Grand Tournament Series March 12th 


Cheers and see you soon!

Team JustPlay













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