Blood Bowl: Victory Doughnut Winter Cup Tournament Report

Blood Bowl: Victory Doughnut Winter Cup Tournament Report

Ritchie McAlley

What a weekend the return of one of my favorite games of all time and this time being the lucky owner of FLGS I get to be in a great posistion to run events and help support and build a great community around it!

The Coaches 

This event with the help of Nathan Ward (an established Blood Bowl Tournament Organizer and member of the Victory Doughnut Blood Bowl League) was arranged to celebrate the launch of the new edition of Blood Bowl. In the end we had a total of 8 coaches turn up for the event and excitingly a couple of new coaches taking the plunge in to the game both who picked it up really quick and picked up some wins to! Thanks Christian and Callum for taking part.

He had a great spread of teams Wood Elf, Orcs, Chaos, Skaven, Necromantic, Nurgle and High Elf.

Some pics of day and teams, thanks to Stephen

For those of you who are new to the game the popular tournament rules for Blood Bowl are a lot different to how a league plays out. Called a "Resurrection" Tournament your players are returned to you all fresh (and alive) for each game this has quite a lot of effect on your starting team roster, filling positional slots in particular were in league play you may take cheaper lineman to at least have some reserves as they drop dead. The second and most interesting part is you get to give six of your players a skill upgrade, or give up two skill choices to take a skill a player can normally have as a double. This allows you to give your team some real direction and help balance some gaps you may have in certain match ups, its also worth noting to also help with balance vs some of the more cost effective team such as Orcs this event was ran with 1.1 million gold crowns.

In the final round we had only Nathan on two wins with his High Elf team "The Angels" Noel (Chaos) and Stephen (Necromantic) both had a draw in the previous round so this left Noel with a chance to steal victory from Nathan with a win if you could hold of Stephens though tie breakers (Casualties and Touchdowns) Luckily it was not settled this way with Nathan taking a clear win on table one and finally taking home the title!


Congratulations Nathan


You can see the final standings below also the winning coaches team roster.

 Wood Elfs did not treat me well today!

Thanks to all all who came today I had a great time was real fun to get some games in brought back some great memories even if I was super rusty and err very greedy dam turn overs! Next up with have our league starting you can read all about the Eirie Downs league here and follow all the updates on our Facebook Event here.

Thanks for reading sports fans, Blood Bowl is back!


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