What's New? 28-5-18

What's New? 28-5-18

Ash Gavin

Hi, players. 

What is new? There's the unprecedented level of shorts-wearing in the shop, for one thing. Knees everywhere. 

Oh, and Commander 2018 preorders are live! Thanks, Wizards of the Coast! 


With a release date set for early August, we don't know a great deal about the set yet, but we do know that Commander is some of the most fun you can have playing non-Standard Magic: The Gathering! Our stock will be limited as ever, and once it's gone, it's not coming back. You know what to do...

Speaking of things that aren't new YET but will be ANY MINUTE: Age of Sigmar Second Edition. Oh my! If you haven't been following the updates on the Warhammer Community site - why? - we're looking at some amazing new magical mechanics, a much more realistic set of rules regarding shooting attacks and points balancing across the whole game. 


Do I suddenly regret buying a Daemons of Tzeentch army? Not a chance. Ironically, the one thing the Lord of Change can't change is my love for him and his colourful legions. Besides... 


We're starting an epic slow-grow campaign for Age of Sigmar next week, and tons of you have signed up! Anyone who hasn't, it's not too late. All you need is a 500 point army assembled and a ticket bought. Painting isn't required but does earn you extra points - the main focus is playing games. We're not called JustPaint, right? 

It's going to be a blast, and you'd best believe we have even more fun and games planned for the launch of second edition. Now is the time to enter the Mortal Realms - come and be a hero, and follow us: 



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