What's New: 14-5-18

What's New: 14-5-18

Ash Gavin

Players - it's Warhammer Fest weekend! Plenty of incredible news from the Games Workshop crew to get through in the next few weeks and months - but what about right now? Let's get into it...

The final wave of preorders for the Idoneth Deepkin have arrived! Electric eel riders (in metal armour, hmm) and gigantic battle-sharks ahoy. 


Meanwhile, the World That Was makes a comeback with the fourth edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay! The team have outdone themselves again with an adventuring setting that's grim, sinister, and inescapably funny. Gather your band of anti-heroes: the Old World is your oyster! 

Along with the rulebook and starter set, we have the limited edition collector's book, in glorious embossed leather-effect hardback. Presented in a beautiful, magnet-sealed box, featuring gilt-edged pages, cloth bookmarks and a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. 

Meanwhile, fans of the Lovecraftian LCG can continue their spiral down into madness with the Arkham Horror: Labyrinths of Lunacy expansion. Awaken in a dim dungeon, vision blurred and muscles weak, and greet your new companions. Will you escape the mastermind's lair? Act quickly - for better or worse, you are not alone...

Terraforming Mars: Prelude is here, and it's cracking. Whatever your general thoughts around prequels in space, this expansion for the bestselling board game gives you stategies to kickstart your Corporation's endeavours on the Red Planet, giving the game as a whole a faster, more exciting pace with greatly raised stakes!


Today, players, a new feature comes to the blog. Since we've been expanding our board game sectioin week by week, we thought it'd be worth telling you a little bit about some of our favourites, new releases or not. So without further ado, here's Not Monopoly issue #1. 

Today we're looking at Scythe, a 2016 release with no fewer than 22 prestigious awards and nominations behind it. 

This is "an engine-building game set in an alternate-history 1920s period. It is a time of farming and war, broken hearts and rusted gears, innovation and valour." It's set in a decidedly creepy alternate 1920s Eastern Europe, with a lurking sense of unease and doom. When your monstrous mechas start firing up, it's easy to see why that was. 

Some of our favourite features include the total lack of player elimination - everyone plays to the end, and has fun doing it! - and the level of control you have over your character's fate.

Luck barely comes into it except when you draw your Encounters, and you still have unprecedented input into the outcome of that Encounter. Even combat is choice-based and without random factors. 

 Not enough? Scythe also has expansions involving airships (what alternate history setting is complete without giant floating skyvessels?) and the Albion and Togawa factions - check out The Wind Gambit and Invaders From Afar for the ultimate Scythe experience! 

Chuck that on your barbie and grill it, players. Have a great week, and we'll see you soon!

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