May Tournament Round Up!

May Tournament Round Up!

Ritchie McAlley

May has been a busy Month for us at JustPlay loads of events and some big releases to celebrate with that in mind I am going to do a quick shout out to all our winners!

Project Kyber Destiny and X-Wing Tournaments.

Thanks to Sean Mooney and the crew over at Helix Events for hosting what was a amazing day celebrating all things Star Wars check out their Facebook page for all the pictures and Videos of the day. 

The winner of the Destiny Win a Box was Tom Best and you can check out his deck lists and the rest of the Top 4 here

Tom on the right.

The winner of the X-Wing Tournament was a good friend of JustPlay Edward Holmes winning all 4 of his games congratulations!

Not Edward Holmes but still cool !


Star Wars Destiny Grand Tournament Series 

Just a week later we held another Destiny Tournament this time the winner was Phil Ryall using a old favorite lineup you can read about this and once again check out all the deck lists in our full write up here

The Top 4 with winner Phil on the left

Magic the Gathering Game Days

We held two Game Days for Amonkhet as always for our new Magic sets and what seems like will be a unbreakable trend the winner of our first Game Day was Chris Ambery his 4th in a row since JustPlay opened!

Saturday winner Chris

And our Sunday winner was a very happy Trey Roberts Congratulations boys!

And the Sunday winner Trey

Age of Sigmar Justice Series III

We had another great turn out for our third Justice Series with lots of new custom acrylic goodies as prizes. You can check out all the lists from the event including the winner over at

The final winner was Joe Purcell playing his much talked about 27 Skyfire list!

The Top 4 from left to right Raja, Craig, Joe (winner) and Nathan.

Star Wars Destiny Store Championships.

This is event really deserves more than just a mention in a round up but here is the meat and potatoes! 

Firstly you can check out the final standings and all the deck lists from the event here

The winner was Ben Blakemore straight of his win at Paul Hardman's Casino Royale Tournament which at the time was the biggest event held in the UK.

You can check out his deck list and write up on it and our event here

I have been very critical of this deck after Casino Royale and I still am but what I can not argue with is his consistency. In the events I have been to he has won every game but 1 across 14 rounds and I got to watch Ben play a lot more at the Store Champs and he is a really good player usually when you watch anyone play you are critical of every move but I think Ben played very well against some players I think are really good and real veterans of the CCG scene.

Ben's deck is cheap, really cheap and I think it goes to show that you don't need all the big Legendary cards to compete and I had a lot of the same things going on as Ben in the deck I took to Euros it was a shame Ben could not make it.

Winner Ben on the left and runner up Paul Rimmer who done a brilliant getting to the Final


X-Wing Q2 Tournament

Another brilliant turn out for our Monthly X-Wing events lots of players turning up to take part for our custom prizes and get some practice in for the upcoming European championships.

Once again you can check out all the standings and the lists for every player here

Our final winner was Seb Brady flying Quad Y-Wing TLT's

Seb (left) with runner up Twiggy

Thanks to everyone who has taken part in these and all our other events in May its not all about who wins none of these events would be a success without all of you taking part and supporting us. Running and seeing everyone enjoy themselves is certainly one of the things we love at JustPlay.

Check out our events for June and beyond over at our events calendar.

Thanks for reading 

Team JustPlay


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