Star Wars Destiny SOR Launch Tournament Top 4 Deck Lists

Star Wars Destiny SOR Launch Tournament Top 4 Deck Lists

Ritchie McAlley

To celebrate the launch of Spirit of the Rebellion and to raise money for the charity Special Effect we held a "Win a Box" event for Spirit of Rebellion.

As everyone scrambled to get cards together and piece together a deck from all of their pulls hoping to win another box, the excitement had really hotted up!

After four rounds of Swiss the Top 4 players certainly had some nice character line ups and the start of some decks that could certainly see play in competitive Destiny post SOR with a nice mix of Mill, Tempo, and Damage decks. Certainly some of these bear a resemblance to decks we have been testing for the upcoming European Championships but people need a few more cards to clean up some of these numbers Maybe winning a box will help.

Congratulations to the winner Tom Best defeating his fiance in the final to win the box, although I suspect Charlotte will not be to unhappy with Tom winning as they share collections!


Congratulations to all of our Top 4 players - certainly a family affair!

Thanks to everyone who attended! We have a packed calendar for Destiny in May with this coming Saturday 13/05 being our second Grand Tournament of Q2 with exclusive JustPlay acrylic shield tokens for the first 20 entrants, and resource tokens too whilst they last! All for just £10 grab your tickets here.

And it isn't long to go until the big one - our first Star Wars Destiny Store Championship! We are so excited for this that tickets are just £12.50 with the latest kit as prizes (they look amazing!). With just 32 tickets available get yours here now!

Finally, if you're looking for SoR singles, don't forget to check out our fully-stock singles store!

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Team JustPlay 

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