Eirie Downs Season II

Eirie Downs Season II

Ritchie McAlley

Its been a while since I reported about Blood Bowl and its great to be doing so again this time talking about the next season of the Eirie Downs League.

New rules new Teams!

The first season was a huge success business was booming with teams from all over the Old World signing up to take part, the league ended up over 3 divisions at its peak over 25 teams took part and we are hoping from more of same for Season II.

That not to say it was all perfect the over worked commissioner for the first Season was doing this for the love of the sport around his full time job selling soldiers and supplies to local nobility which meant that some things in the eyes of the fans were not up to scratch so he has been replaced but not without spending some time mentoring his replacement.

The main things that he left in place before stepping down were that the season would be shorter with Chaos and Orc raiding parties increasing players needed to get back to defend their homes or take flight to Marienburg and ships to the holiday isles. So every team will only play each other once this season. Also that more would be given back to the community in the form of friendly games with free tickets for the young old and Nurgle ridden fans. Finally that games would be played at more regular times so that more fans can make games after there long days on the farms, in the mines or not to early on the weekends after a heavy night in the taverns.

So without further ado collecting match results and keeping reporting results to you all I introduce Simon "Grudgebearer" Donaldson.

Richard Von Macanov

"Ok it’s that time of year sports fans, we’re coming to the end of the close season for the inaugural Eirie Downs League; and already coaches want more action for their teams (not to mention the local apothecary and undertaker guilds…)

So without further ado here are the provisional rules for season 2"

  • All teams start fresh, new and shiny. 1,000,000 gold for each coach to spend.
  • I have spoken to the local stadium owner - Richie, we have a new designated day we can meet up to play games. When the season starts Thursday evenings will see JustPlay turned into a scene of carnage with limbs flying everywhere – as all the coaches jostle for pitches, never mind playing the game!
  • Details of match schedule and deadlines for games will follow. League matched may be played at any time up until midnight deadline day.
  • You do not have to play on a Thursday, but if you do, you will also be able to take part in league sanctioned friendly matches – with player development included. However no gold will be earned by either team in their “charity” matches. More on this elsewhere. You may be giving to charity but that does not mean you get nothing in the long run. 
  • Depending on the number of coaches, there will be up to 3 divisions. In this league (unlike last) each team will only play each other once in the regular season.
  • As it stands all rules in DZS1 and DZS2 apply. This includes stadiums, permanent hire of star players, special refs and sponsorship deals. However before the start of the match if both players agree special refs do not have to be used. In addition you may not roster star players unless you either have a sponsorship deal or OWN your own stadium. (I’m not going through the effort of keeping track of which star players are “owned” and unavailable for hire to other teams unless you can afford to keep them!) 
  • Pile on is in, there was a vote on FB, rules unchanged from DZS1
  • Illegal procedure. During regular season games players do not have to use it, however in playoff games or cup events (unless both players agree not to use it before the game) it is to be used. Think of it as extra scrutiny from the governing body for important games.
  • Special play cards. Unless both players agree not to use them, any special play cards from official Games Workshop releases can be used during a match.
  • The league commissioners decision is final, however if you can’t get hold of me or get an adjudication on something from other experienced players in the short term – roll a d6 and one team take 1-3 and one 4-6 to decide. 
  • League violations and proper record keeping. Your team will suffer or be rewarded depending on how well you keep records and inform me of all your matches (including friendlies). Last season was challenging, at times, for the commissioner to keep on top of all the matches. How to keep records of your matches and rewards/penalties for not doing so will be detailed separately.

So sign up now the league will start middle of June and run for around 8 weeks with a Play Off to follow that to take part email your interest to eirie-downs@hotmail.com and we will sign you up!

League commissioner
Simon “Grudgebearer” Donaldson

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