Destiny Grand Tournament Report and Deck Lists

Destiny Grand Tournament Report and Deck Lists

Ritchie McAlley

This weekend saw JustPlay's first Star Wars Destiny Grand Tournament, with 16 players taking part to be the first ever Destiny GT Champion. With the FFG Q1 kit and JustPlay store credit as prizes, it was looking to be an exciting day! (You can read about the format and prizes here)

Meta Breakdown

  • Elite Vader, Tusken Raider "VaderRaider" x3
  • Elite Rey, Elite Qui-Gon Jinn "Training Day" x3
  • Elite Jango Fett, Elite General Veers "Jangeers" x3 
  • Elite Kylo, Vader "Brosiths" x2
  • Elite Finn, Elite Admiral Ackbar "Finnbar"
  • Elite Padme, Hired Gun, Rebel Trooper
  • Jabba the Hut, Bala-Tik, General Veers
  • Elite General Veers, Bala-Tik, Nightsister "Rainbow Veers"
  • Elite Rey, Padme, Padawan

The players had five rounds of swiss to battle though before the cut to our Top 4 players -  the top tables for most of the swiss were swamped with VaderRaider and Brosiths, showing that Darth Vader is not to be messed with either at one dice or two!

The early leaders were John Brogan (VaderRaider) and Jack Westaway (Rainbow Veers) both out to a 3-0 start before clashing in round 4, where a win for either would lock them for the top 4!  

You can watch all of our feature matches including John vs Jack on our YouTube channel. We streamed the full event and hope you enjoy it! Unfortunately we lost the sound early on, but there's still plenty of great gameplay to watch. We'll be repeating this for future events (without the sound issues...) so don't forget to like and subscribe to stay up to date with more awesome Destiny content!

 Read on for spoilers!



At the end of the Swiss rounds, the rankings looked like this

Congratulations to all of our players and thank you all for taking part!

The results were in and we had our top four players - with Jack being defeated in the final round of Swiss it meant a clean cut of 4 players all with 4-1 records, dashing the hopes of our 3-2 players who had been battling it out for what they hoped would be that final spot.

Here are our Top 4 players, and below their deck lists:

Jack, Emma, Phil and Steven made the Top 4


Stephen Jones "VaderRaider"

Jack Westaway "Rainbow Veers"

Emma Barnes "Brosiths"

Phillip Ryall "Jangeers"

This meant the brackets broke down to Stephen Jones on "VaderRaider" vs Phillip Ryall on "Jangeers", and Emma Barnes on "Brosiths" vs Jack Westaway on "Rainbow Veers".

We had Stephen and Phillip on camera so you can watch all of the action from that game in the video above - they were really close games, it's well worth taking your time to check them out.

Stephen however did take this down with a 2-0 win over Phil, denying him a second JustPlay finals appearance.

Jack vs Emma saw a convincing win to Jack, taking it down 2-0; in both games Jack resolved 2 turn 1 Sith Holocrons and within 2 turns they had turned into Force Throws and Mind Probes making short work of Emma and her hope of making it past the Top 4 this time. Some of you may remember Emma making it to the Top 4 of our Christmas Party event - Congratulations Emma on your second Top 4!

The Final was set, with the very well established "VaderRaider" deck making the final vs the unknown "Rainbow Veers" deck piloted and designed by Jack. 

I helped Jack test his deck on TTS in the week leading up to the event, and I thought it was an interesting lineup - but what is really great about his deck is that Jack hasn't been able to get hold of much Destiny product and he built it with just what he had at hand. Jack is a young guy new to CCGs but with a little help from experienced local players and a keen eye for a build he made it to the finals; proof that lack of cards shouldn't stop you participating in events!

When the dice had settled though, we saw Stephen Jones victorious, beating Jack 2-1 in an exciting match that many times could have gone either way. We'd urge you to watch it on the stream!

Congratulations to Stephen on his win and the awesome resource tokens, alt art Kylo and £25 store credit!

Winners & Runners-Up: Stephen (bottom row), Jack, and Mark (for the Second Chance Event)


After the main event Swiss finished, we also ran our Second Chance Event - a free side event for everyone who didn't make the top cut. 4 rounds of Swiss, no cut, with prizes of an alt art Kylo for 1st and a alt art Tie fighter for 2nd.

Here is how it finished up:

Congrats to Mark and Nathan for their 1st and 2nd finish

You can check out Mark and Nathan's decklists below. Mark has had huge success locally with his "Jangeers" list, and like Jack, Nathan is another example of building with what you have - his self-made Finnbar deck has been impressive even with his limited card pool.

Mark Winckle "Jangeers"

Nathan Foster "Finnbar"

One last thanks to all who came and made it a great day! The next JustPlay Grand Tournament is on the 12/02/17, you can find all of the info and grab your tickets here - if you're in the UK and play Destiny, make the trip, you won't be disappointed!

Don't forget to follow us on YouTube and Facebook to keep up to date with all things JustPlay.

 Thanks for reading!

Team JustPlay

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