Star Wars Destiny Tier List

Star Wars Destiny Tier List

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Welcome Destiny players, to the JustPlay Star Wars Destiny Tier listing, where we rank the most popular decks in terms of relative power level!

We have a thriving Destiny community at JustPlay and we have been playtesting Destiny since it was released. We playtest many different ideas, in many different matchups, both in paper and online; we also build and playtest popular decks that pop up online. This puts us in a strong position to rank decks and their place in the meta.

Without further ado, we present to you...



Star Wars Destiny Tier List (updated 17/01/17)


Tier 1 - Decks that consistently perform well, have a significant amount of raw power, and play many of the best cards in the format. These are the decks that all other decks need to be able to beat.

  • "Training Day", Hero Midrange - eQui-Gon Jinn/eRey
  • "Younglings", Hero Midrange - eRey/Padawan/Padawan
  • "Jangeers", Villain Aggro - eJango/eVeers (many variants of this deck, usually around aggro vs control cards)
  • "Mono Blue Sith", Villain Midrange - eKylo/Vader (also eDooku/eKylo variant)


Tier 1.5 - Decks that are slightly weaker than Tier 1, but consistently perform better than Tier 2, and are difficult to place in either tier.


Tier 2 - Decks that are very strong but don't quite have the consistency or raw power of Tier 1 decks, and are often countered by Tier 1 decks.

  • "PadMill", Hero Control/Mill - ePadme/some combination of Rebel Troopers and Hired Guns
  • "Hyperloop", Hero Control - Poe/Hired Gun/Hired Gun (expect this deck to be banned/erratad out of existence soon)
  • "Swarmtrooper", Villain Aggro - 4x First Order Stormtrooper (dual-colour or rainbow variants with Bala-tik and/or Nightsister are the same tier)
  • "Han-Rey", Hero Aggro - eHan/eRey
  • "Jabba-Vader", Villain Control - Vader/eJabba (also eDooku/eJabba variant)
  • "JangoTroopers", Villain Aggro - eJango/2x First Order Stormtrooper
  • "Luke-Ackbar", Hero Aggro - eLuke/Ackbar


Tier 3 - Decks that are commonly seen in the meta and are very capable of winning but lack either the consistency or raw power level to compete with higher Tier decks.

  • "Stabs and Bangs", Villain Aggro - eGrievous/Jango
  • "Grievous-Dooku", Villain Aggro - eGrievous/Dooku
  • "FinnBar", Hero Aggro - eFinn/eAckbar
  • "Phasma Troopers", Villain Midrange - ePhasma/2x First Order Stormtrooper
  • "Qui-Gon Finn", Hero Midrange - eFinn/Qui-Gon Jinn
  • "Han+2", Hero Midrange - Han/Hired Gun/Hired Gun (sometimes eHan/Hired Gun or Han/2x Rebel Trooper)
  • "Ackbar+2", Hero Midrange - Ackbar/Guardian/Guardian (sometimes Ackbar/Guardian/Hired Gun for access to yellow)


Some Things to Note!

  • As with any tier list, remember that tweaks to the standard decklists and player skill will always play a big part. A tier 2 deck played by a great player will beat a tier 1 decks with an average player. A tier 3 deck with luck and skill, or good metagame tweaks, can win a tournament.
  • The Destiny community currently names decks by their character lineup. This is often confusing as what many people will call "Vader Raider" for example is a Tier 2/3 deck - the Vader/Raider deck that we're using in our Tier list is different to what you'll commonly see. We've used deck names where possible to avoid confusion, and linked to decklists as much as possible.
  • When we say "deck x beats deck y", we don't mean 100% of the time. In a CCG, with lots of random elements, you're looking for win ratios of 60-65%~ over a large sample size of games to say that a deck is "beats" than another deck.
  • There are a LOT of possible decks in a CCG! Therefore the tier list comprises only the most popular decks that are seeing regular play across many channels.
  • "Control" is not, for the most part, a deck archetype in Destiny - it is simply a reference to the number of control cards played. Most decks have some form of control, and even many aggro decks pack a similar number of control cards to "control" decks. Most decks are what we would term "midrange"; that is, decks that pack plenty of damage and plenty of control. There are only a few decks that seek to win by going all-out damage, and only a few decks that seek to win by dealing damage very slowly.


What do you think of the current Tier rankings for Star Wars: Destiny? 

Check back soon - we'll be keeping this list regularly updated as the meta continues to develop and the Q1 organised play season continues!

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How can this list be trusted when you put Vadar/eJabba as tier 2? That deck won a 54 person tournament in MN a few weeks ago at Destiny Sharpers 2017, played at Fantasy Flight game center. Do you have an stats to back up your claims?
john jameson
john jameson
nice lists but might help if ur going to list stuff like this might help to list the cards in each deck. ty
Yeah, no. You have 7 decks in tier 2. No tournament results. And your disclaimers basically state that you’re saying nothing. Write a real meta article and track tournament wins. That’s the only way to write BDIF articles. Not your kitchen table or local FLGS casual night games.
The other I defeated was Padang/Rae Mill. Just remembered.
Mat B
Mat B
I run a Qui Gon + 2 x padawan deck similar to Young lings deck. Whilst you start with fewer dice, I feel that the number of modified sides on Rey mean that you are far less likely to use her dice when compared to Qui Gon. Additionally, having modified results with 1 damage result leaves you open to achieving nothing quickly. What are your thoughts on using Qui Gon instead? Additionally, I did used to run Qui Gon, Rey and a padawan but stopped using Rey for the same reason.
What are these tiers based on? Is there any criteria or statistics or is just opnion?
I appreciate the article and your ideas….but I disagree. First, I feel Han/Rey is definitely Top Tier. I watched a Han/Rey deck smoke the competition in a 20 person tournament. I’ve also seen Mono Blue (either villain or hero) struggle. I think part of the appeal of this game is that it’s incredibly well balanced and any given deck can out perform any other. I think your Tier List represents the results in your circle of players…but doesn’t necessarily hold anywhere else. I also think Dooku/Jabba is at least a 1.5 tier if not tier 1…but again, that’s only from what I’ve seen played.
I would flat out disagree with your assessment of “control”. Decks like Jabba/Dooku are very much total control decks. They have multiple win conditions, because they can successfully mill you out, crime lord your characters, or deal slow but steady damage through dice control with force push, choke, and probe. To say that the game doesn’t have control when decks like Hyperloop exist, is ignoring the fact that some decks can manipulate your entire dice pool, which is absolutely control. I also expect the control archetype to get more prolific as the game expands.
I ran a ePoe/eRae deck that performed well in a 17 player tourney last weekend. My only loss coming to a Swarmtrooper variant (had Bala-Tik and 3 troopers). Ended up placing second after 5 rounds. Faced off vs. Vader Raider, Jango/Veers, Luke/(cannot remember who partnered with), and cannot remember other match at all. The Jango/Veers was by far the toughest and could have gone either way. In fact I won the match with a perfectly timed “Its a trap!” to finish off his Veers the turn before he would have finished my Poe. Both his Jango and my Rae had succumbed earlier in the match.

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