Training Day - Deck V2 Update

Training Day - Deck V2 Update

Ritchie McAlley

Hi All!

Since my original deck tech on this deck, a lot has changed; best of one swiss rounds, Hyperloop becoming a thing, along with changes from more testing - so I thought I'd do a quick update for anyone playing Training Day!

I still believe this a tier one deck and would still play this in a heartbeat at any event I attend - it still beats the likes of VaderRaider, Han/Rey, Villian Blue and of course Jangeers consistently, clocking in at one of our highest win ratios in testing.


Training Day V2




The main change here is lowering the number of upgrades from 14 to 12 (something that we're doing consistently on a lot of our deck builds now), and also the inclusion of a lot more dice removal cards. There are few reasons for this:

Resource Cost 3 Upgrades

This deck is never flush with resources, I never play to pick up resources or save it, I play almost every turn with just two resources from the upkeep step. The three cost upgrades often were just too expensive too often, and certainly having 6 of them in the deck was too many. Luke's Lightsaber and Force Protection were certainly the worst cards too, so they've been cut.

Character dice are all you need!

This deck's Character dice are excellent they work together perfectly, dealing very consistent damage thanks to Qui-Gon's ability. With the extra damage from hand cards on top, I find that any game that has not gone super long ends with me having very few upgrades in play, and with the generous mulligan in this game twelve is plenty to ensure a good starting hand.

Best of one

You can not head into a tournament in this format without expecting to get blown out by an insane roll at least once, so I have increased my dice removal suite by nearly 100% going from 5 to 9 to try to counteract this. I do not want to start any turn without a way to interact with my opponents' dice. Also I needed more dice removal that is not conditional (Force Misdirection is conditional, Mind Trick isn't, for example)

In my previous build the only dice that I could respond to unconditionally was a ranged dice (with Deflect) but now with Mind Trick and Heroism I have ways to respond to more things quickly. Mind Trick has been excellent and I think a little overlooked by many people, mostly because of its resource cost, but in testing that hasn't slowed me down too badly especially with less upgrades in my deck.


This deck can be a problem for mono blue hero if you don't have unconditonal dice removal (and we don't have access to thinks like He Doesn't Like You) - and even then it's not great since Hyperloop can just "go off" sometimes. It's incredibly dull to play against although perhaps no more likely to "go off" than Jangeers is to shoot you in the face for 10 on turn 1. Mind Trick is great here, i always gets to remove the Falcon dice even taking second turn, otherwise you are relying on Deflect and Dodge to hit ranged sides.



I very rarely pick my own battlefield with this deck; it does not really help me no matter what I choose as I've already talked about in the deck tech. I am currently running Imperial Armory; it does help me with the resource problem if I am forced to play it or choose to, and I do pick my own Battlefield against decks relying on Emperor's Throne Room (eg Holocron Decks or Hyperloop). I do still go back and forth between Mos Eisley Spaceport and Imperial Armory though, its tough choice and one I've not been sure of yet.

Good luck if you're running this deck at your local events and let me know how you get along! If you're in the UK, make sure to attend our next Grand Tournament event - tickets are on sale now!

Thanks for reading


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