What's New? 11-6-18

What's New? 11-6-18

Ash Gavin

Hey there, players. Can you hear me at the back? Alright! 


We've got some exciting Dragon Ball Super news to begin with - the Cross Worlds set is available to pre-order now! 


Pulling characters, abilities and whole universes from every one of the Dragon Ball series, this is DBS:CG's most ambitious release yet, and all you fans are going to love it. We have new Special Packs, boosters and even a Draft Box available to order, along with a release tournament on the 21st of July! Come crack a cold raspberry lemonade and some all-new boosters! 


Continuing along the twin themes of "cards" and "whaaaat?" we're happy to announce that Threads of Fate, the latest Arkham Horror expansion, is up for pre-order too! This is a truly twisted expansion that lays three parallel mysteries before you; which will you attempt to solve?

Can you find your missing friend as the world falls to ruin? Can you concentrate on saving the world while your mind is befuddled by a new and suspicious stranger?? Do you trust the stranger to help you find your lost companion???  Try to do all three and you risk failure across the board. Leave any task incomplete and the path of the future will be forever changed... As always, you'll forge your own fate, and the decisions you make will affect the entire game going forward! 



Enjoy, players, and check back next week for news from the Mortal Realms and a galaxy far, far away... 

Peace out! (This anime stuff has me feeling all 90s) 

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