This Week's New Releases (27/11/17)

This Week's New Releases (27/11/17)

Ash Gavin

Gamers! Welcome to our weekly roundup of new releases. Rather than spam your Facebook feeds with every product that releases, we're going to start rounding them up each week into a summary blog post of the next seven days' worth of releases.

Magic: The Gathering fans, you're up first. Wizards have come out with another brilliant From The Vault set, featuring 15 iconic foil Transformation cards from down the ages, including 7 Planeswalkers and some old favourites from Innistrad and beyond. Even my personal favourite, the unfortunate Delver of Secrets, makes an appearance! We've got a limited number of the set available in-store only at the unreal price of £49.99, and once they're gone, they're not coming back! 

Runewars also gets a shake-up this week, as the Uthuk Y'llan storm onto the scene. Demons from ages past, these berserk ravagers bring a whole new aspect of destruction to the game. We've got their Army Expansion and Infantry Command unit on offer from the 30th of November! 

Final Fantasy's highly-anticipated OPUS IV is available to preorder from December 1st at the special price of £110: more than £20 off RRP! As well as the awesome-looking Cloud card, the promise of new game-changing Monster cards should make for a truly exciting shift in the FFTCG landscape. 

Continuing the big card news, we see the Legend of the Five Rings' Imperial cycle continue with the Chrysanthemum Throne pack The usual three copies of 20 brand-new cards carry the game ever forward, with more of everything we've come to expect from the Imperial cycle. Don't miss this one! 

Last, and by no means least, we have a raft of new releases from Games Workshop. Chapter Approved is finally here! A masterpiece of rebalancing. You get new stratagems, warlord traits and relics for every army that doesn't yet have a codex. Points are adjusted for a number of units, keeping the most powerful in their place and giving others a much-needed chance to shine. Add rules for Apocalypse and Planetstrike games and you've still barely scratched the front cover. A must-have for any Warhammer 40,000 devotee. 

Munitorum Varnish is the latest in miniature protection from Citadel. Engineered to match the natural satin finish of acrylic paints (not too shiny, not too matte) and reportedly frosting-proof, you'll never go back to Purity Seal again.

Finally - the Battleforces. Starting or expanding your force couldn't be easier. Featuring collections for (deep breath): Kharadron Overlords, Tzeentch Arcanites, Stormcast Eternals and the Grand Alliance of Death, alongside 40k boxes for Astra Militarum, Genestealer Cults, Orks and the T'au Empire. Each contains a host of infantry, some heroes and/or villains and at least one impressive centrepiece miniature. Someone you know deserves one of these Battleforces, and if you decide that person is you... we won't tell. Below are the Skyfleet and Kult of Speed to whet your appetite. At Games Workshop prices, every one of these boxes saves you money. At £90 from JustPlay, you can't go wrong!

Thanks for reading, and we'll see you again next week, gamers! 

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