Commander Night is Wednesday Night at JustPlay!

Commander Night is Wednesday Night at JustPlay!

Ritchie McAlley

Commander is a hugely popular format nearly everyone we speak to has a deck and wants to play, I get asked more and more when do we hold Commander nights the last set release Commander 2017 was a huge success (and back in stock soon!), 

So we will be adding Commander to our Weekly Schedule every Wednesday night.



Multiplayer will be the format of choice with us making pods of 3 or 4 players Ideally.

  • 2-3 games a night
  • 4 points 1st place, 3 points 2nd place, 3rd place 2 points, 4th place 1 point
  • 1 st round random pods, 2nd round onward highest point players paired together
  • 3 of our Commander Ploy's randomly selected each round
  • 1 point for each ploy you achieve listed below
  • All points recorded in a league with prizes for the 4 Quarter Champions
  • Weekly winners can add their own ploy to the list! (in consultation with the design team)
  • Promo card prizes for each pod every round

Entry and Start times

6:30pm Start with entry £4 and each player gets a pack.

Commander Ploy's

  1. Control at least five different permanent types.
  2. Control at least three of the same creature type.
  3. Control at least six different creature types.
  4. Control a permanent that is at least two different card types.
  5. Control two permanents with a different type of counter on each of them.
  6. Control a creature with at least three different key words.
  7. Control at least 10 creatures.
  8. Control the same named non-land permanent as another player.
  9. Control at least three creatures that are equipped/enchanted.
  10. Control at least 20 permanents.
  11. Control a permanent with at least 10 counters on it.
  12. Ultimate three planeswalkers in a game.
  13. Destroy at least three planeswalkers in a game.
  14. Destroy 10 creatures at once.
  15. Trigger three abilities of permanents you control in the same turn.
  16. At some point in the game have no cards in hand.
  17. At the end of turn have at least 10 cards in hand.
  18. Draw at least three extra cards for the turn.
  19. Activate an ability of a non-land permanent twice in the same turn.
  20. Gain control of an opponent’s permanent.
  21. Search your library twice in one turn.
  22. Have a creature enter the battlefield that wasn’t cast from hand.
  23. Give at least three creatures you control a buff.
  24. Be on more than 75 life.
  25. Lose at least five life/deal five damage to yourself in a game.
  26. Cast a third spell in the turn.
  27. Cast at least two spells in the same turn with the same converted mana cost.
  28. Cast a card for an alternative mana cost.
  29. Attack each opponent with at least one creature in the same turn.
  30. Don’t attack any player for at least three consecutive turns.
  31. Survive being attacked for lethal damage on two separate turns.
  32. Take an extra combat for the turn.
  33. Deal more than double the amount of lethal damage to a player.
  34. Deal both first strike and regular combat damage in a turn.
  35. Save an opponent’s creature from dying before lethal damage applies.
  36. Save an opponent from losing the game.
  37. Have an opponent draw a card.
  38. Eliminate an opponent when on less than five life.
  39. End the game or be eliminated having only searched your library for basic lands in the game.
  40. Be the player that had the most creatures on board when they were eliminated.
  41. Eliminate a player from the game using commander damage.
  42. Eliminate at least two players at the same time.
  43. Win the game using an alternative win condition.
  44. Win the game with less than five cards left in your library.
  45. Week one Winner Tom Morris TBC
  46. Could the next ploy be your design!

This is all starts Wednesday the 8th of November see you all then!

Team JustPlay

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