New Releases! 24/2/2018

New Releases! 24/2/2018

Ash Gavin

Greetings players and welcome back. Hasn't it been quiet? 

NOPE - the Internet's been non-stop gabbling game talk, and here's why... New releases coming up.

Daughters of Khaine

The writers for Age of Sigmar play faster and looser with the word "mortal" in their Mortal Realms every time something new comes out, and Morathi is no exception. The dark queen is back and badder than ever! She's certainly got our resident Kharadron Admiral extremely worried.

Visually, this might be the best sculpt I've ever seen from Games Workshop, and I can't wait to see what comes next. 

Daughters of Khaine Battletome, Warscroll cards and dice are all coming too, so there's never been a better time to stock up on Witch Aelves and master their gruesome way of war. Get them HERE now! BLOOD FOR THE - wait, wrong one. Moving on...

X-Wing Wave 7

Isn't this TIE Reaper just glorious? Last seen in Rogue One defending Scarif from our heroes, it's not the most nimble TIE ever made, but it's hard as nails and extremely disruptive.
To be fair, Saw Gerrera also fits that description - the Saw's Renegades expansion features a U-Wing and a T-65 X-Wing along with a an assortment of ship cards featuring upgrades and pilots from Saw’s motley band of warriors—or even Saw Gerrera himself, flying his powerful U-wing into your battles. 
Dragon Ball Super Accessories
Dragon Ball fans, here's a treat. No more agonising over which colour sleeve fits your deck best, or that your playmat's covered in characters from the wrong universe! 
Three designs of sleeve, deck box and playmat are available to preorder right now, and if the latest Dragon Ball Super releases are anything to go by, you'll want to act fast. 
Don't forget to play, players! Budokai Card Club is Tuesday evenings, and that's the night that most of our X-Wing pilots test their skills too. And the tables are always open for a bit of battle in the "Mortal" Realms, particularly on Thursday nights.


Facebook group for Games Workshop tabletop games

Facebook group for Dragon Ball Super

And one for X-Wing! 

Thanks again players, for reading, for supporting, and most of all for playing! You're the best. Catch you next time.

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