New Releases! 12/3/18

New Releases! 12/3/18

Ash Gavin

Hey there players. Hope you've all defrosted! Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll blow your minds with some awesome new stuff. 

See what I did?

Magic: The Gathering fans, the time has come. Wizards of the Coast are celebrating 25 years of our favourite card game with an incredible new set: Masters 25. Following on from the likes of Modern and Eternal Masters, this historical set is packed with some of the most powerful cards ever printed for the game, and is geared towards a truly spectacular Draft. We can't wait! Which is good, because it's out this weekend. 

Speaking of cards and frustratingly high power levels, Steamforged Games have done it again with Dark Souls: The Card GameThe hardest dungeon crawl to ever find its way from the screen to the tabletop was a raging success, and the reviews sound like this incarnation is no different.

The fact that your deck is your attacking power but also your health already has me pleasantly stressed out! In their own words: "Adapt your deck, evolve your strategy, and prepare to die." Great life advice if I've ever heard it.

Somehow at the bottom of this week's roundup are Games Workshop's stunning new offerings! Both Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar have huge releases coming. The Daughters of Khaine keep getting scarier and scarier, whether it's reading their rules or looking at their models, and they're all available now! 

Meanwhile, the T'au Empire is about to begin its latest Sphere Expansion, and they've gone and got themselves a new Codex to do it with! Like the story of the Shadow Queen, Games Workshop are really surging ahead with the narratives on this one, including some rather disturbing tales about the T'au's new faster-than-light capabilities... 

I for one can't decide if I'm more excited to have my heart ripped out by a snake-harpy-witch hopped up on blood and murder, or to walk directly into a solid wall of pulse blaster fire, but I'm out to do both as soon as possible. 

Finally, to help you look amazing while you conquer the known universe in the name of Khaine or the Greater Good, we're excited to announce we'll soon have a massively expanded range of over 150 Citadel Colour paints in store! If you want to work on your paint skills or take the very first step into putting brush to plastic, drop by for a lesson with the staff any time. We're all pretty good at it.

See you around, players! 



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