JustPlay Reopens for Gaming on Monday 6th July!

JustPlay Reopens for Gaming on Monday 6th July!

Ian O'Brien

From 6th July, JustPlay will once again be open for gaming during our new opening hours, which will be extended to 8pm. We're really excited to be opening again and we'll have details of some Covid-safe events and gaming opportunities coming up soon, so be on the look out for those!

To keep everyone as safe as possible during these unusual times, we've implemented some new changes and rules. You can find them on our In-store Gaming during Covid19 page, and they're also summarised here.

We have already implemented safety measures in the store for shopping, and we'll be extending these measures to gaming too.

General safety measures include

  • Increased cleaning schedule with staff cleaning and wiping down contact surfaces regularly, including wiping down tables between games
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers for staff and customers at the entrance and around the store
  • Social distancing for all customers and staff, with visual aids to assist you in maintaining distance
  • Facemasks are mandatory, for the protection of staff and other customers

In addition, the following measures are in place to make your gaming experience as easy and safe as possible

  • 6x4 gaming tables will be available, which you may use for any game you choose. Normal seated tables will not be available as they don't provide adequate distancing. You are welcome to play Commander, D&D, or any other game at a 6x4 table as well as wargames!
  • Up to 4 players may play per table, following social distancing guidelines (see below). There will be 4 tables available in-store.
  • Table bookings are now available online. You don't need to book a table, but we'd advise doing so in order to secure your table.

Following government guidelines, all customers are responsible for observing the following rules

  • Maximum two bubbles or households per gaming table
  • Maintain 2 metres social distancing where possible, and 1+ metre at all other times.
  • Please avoid touching objects where possible - this includes but is not limited to other peoples' dice, miniatures, cards, or gaming aids as well as terrain. Avoid touching your face where possible.
  • Please wash your hands regularly and/or use the sanitiser provided.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the store, from a Covid-safe 1 metre+ distance!

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