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Booking is currently required as we must collect the details of attendees by law. Please book online using this ticket!

Please read about our current Covid-secure practices here before booking.

Each booking is for a 6x4 gaming table, which you may use for any game you choose. Normal seated tables will not be available as they don't provide adequate distancing. You are welcome to play Commander, D&D, or any other game at a 6x4 table as well as wargames!

  • Time slots are 2 ½ hours (3 1/2 hours Thursday/Friday) You are welcome to book multiple slots if needed but please don't abuse this facility.
  • Slots must be booked at least 8 hours in advance of the slot start time
  • We have four 6x4 tables available in-store during each time slot
  • Our usual £3 fee per player applies, payable on entry (free for members)
  • Up to 4 players may play per table (any additional fees will be collected in-store)

Please respect us and your fellow gamers by only booking slots that you intend to honour.