Flames of War Coming Soon to JustPlay!

Flames of War Coming Soon to JustPlay!

Ian O'Brien

We're very excited to announce that we have partnered with Battlefront Miniatures to become a Flames of War stockist!

For those of you who don't know, Flames of War is one of the most popular World War 2 miniatures games in the world and has been around for a very long time (14 years by my count). It's extra exciting that we're beginning to stock Flames of War right now because version 4, the new and improved edition of the game, launches on 11th March and we'll be there joining in the launch celebrations with our fellow stores around the world! Reports are already coming in that the first print run of the game has been sold out to retailer preorders, one of those retailers being us, so this game is sure to be super popular! (and don't worry - the second print run has been brought forward to cover demand, so there won't be any stock shortages) 


JustPlay customers don't have to wait until 11th March to get their hands on the game - we'll have a demo kit and sample rulebook in-store from 4th March, along with a very awesome demo board using official Flames of War pre-painted terrain and the new Flames of War neoprene Desert Mat!



 Battlefront have a great release schedule for both the Allied and Axis forces over the next few months, including not only sweet models and terrain but also army books, paint sets, tokens, and more. Check out the PDF below for more info and lots of eye candy:




We'll be running narrative events such as campaign days/weekends and a store campaign, as well as tournament events for this game as soon as it's available and Battlefront also have organised play kits in the works so you can be assured that the game will be well supported at JustPlay, with lots of opportunities to get your armies onto the battlefield.

So in short - make sure you get yourself down to JustPlay from 4th March onward for a demo of Flames of War on our awesome demo board, and get your pre-orders in for this highly in-demand product and keep an eye on our Facebook Page for more updates!

See you soon, General!

-Team JustPlay


PS. If you are an FoW V3 player and want to exchange your rulebook for a V4 rulebook, we are able to do this for you - just pop in and see us any time from March 11th when the V4 rulebook is released!


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