JustPlay's New Staff Member, More Opening Hours, More 40k!

Ian O'Brien

Hi Guys - as you know we recently decided that we needed to recruit a staff member (before we've even been open for a year.... cool!). We had a lot of amazing applications from awesome people and we were bowled over by how many people saw our little store as a great opportunity for a role. Unfortunately, we were only able to hire one person (as much as we'd have loved to hire you all) but after some very difficult decision making we think we picked the right man for the job.

So please everyone, put your hands together, and welcome Shaun Wright to the JustPlay team!


Shaun brings with him a wealth of experience in wargaming and hobby. He's played many games over the years but his primary game has been 40k, which he's been playing for 15 years. He's also done some streaming work as well as working on video production for Multiplay (who run the UK's biggest LAN series, Insomnia) and so brings a host of other related skills too.
Once Shaun is up to speed, we'll be opening Wednesday nights in addition to our existing opening hours, with Wednesday night being our new Warhammer 40,000 night (although as ever - come along and play whatever you want!). Stay tuned for more details! We're also planning to add Monday openings as soon as possible which means that we'll be open seven nights a week for your gaming needs.
With more opening hours, the addition of 40k to our already extensive list of games we offer, and Shaun joining us to make this all possible, this is a very exciting time for us and we hope it is for you too!
See you soon,
-Team JustPlay

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