February Tournament Round Up

February Tournament Round Up

Ritchie McAlley

We have had a lot of events this month as always at JustPlay but not had the same chance as normal, with the refit and recruiting our new staff member, to write them all up so here it goes.


Star Wars Destiny Grand Tournament Febuary.

This fantastic event was streamed in full on our YouTube channel from Round 2 and you can watch the event in full below if you don't want spoilers!

The Top 4 for this event had a strong showing of the two decks putting up all the big results worldwide at the moment, we had two Elite Bala-Tik, Jango and Trooper decks along with two Vader-Raider decks.

Top 4

Mark Winckle

Stephen Jones

Emma Barnes

Phillip Ryall

It's interesting to see the meta evolving and for us to see reduced upgrades all round, decks packed full of dice control. It stands out especially when compared with the some results from other tournaments going on, particularly in the States, even seeing the differences in these the two decks here of the same archetype.

The eventual winner was Mark Winckle, Congratulations! The Top 4 games were excellent and really close (well worth a watch) Mark defeated Stephen Jones in the final, fighting though Stephen's massive amount of dice control.

Our Top 4 (left to right) Stephen, Phillip, Mark and Emma.

Ritchie and the Champion Mark Winckle

Thanks to everyone that took part and our next event is 12/03/17, If you fancy taking part you can find your tickets here

Guild Ball Northwest Frontiers Cup 4/02/17

We had 8 people take part in this event, mostly locals, with some guys making their way over from Rhyl to join us. The event's eventual winner was Jason Fox putting on a strong showing with his Union team, with Brandon Watkins taking second place with a brutal Butchers line-up.

The Winner Jason Fox Playing Union


Runner Up Brandon Watkins Playing Butchers


Jason Fox - The Union

Blackheart, Veteran Rage, Coin, Mist, A&G, Minx, Harry the Hat, Gutter, Decimate

Brandon Watkins - Butchers

Fillet, Truffles, Ox, Brisket, Shank, Boar, Meathook, Boiler, Tenderiser

Thanks to our local pundit Kyle Buckley for organizing the event and to everyone else who attended.

Eirie Downs League Cup

It was time for the first cross division clashes of our Eirie Downs Blood Bowl League with 8 Coaches taking part and aiming to lift the prestigious League Cup!

We had a brilliant day as always with Blood Bowl being super relaxed. A day filled with loads of banter brought us 3 rounds of single elimination Competition, we had Simon Donaldson with his Dwarf team in the final vs James Talyor's Shambling Undead. Simon filled in for a unfortunate drop out so his team was nearly brand new, facing off against the Top of the East Division he had nearly 500k in TV to James, lots of special play cards!

They were not enough to help him though, with James crushing him 3-0 and becoming first League Cup Champion! 


The Finalist Simon in full Dwarf mode and James.


 Ritchie and the Champion James Taylor.

Thanks to everyone who took part in these and all our other events in JustPlay during February, check out our events calendar for all our upcoming events and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for future updates and more reports on our great games.

Team JustPlay

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