X-Wing Top 4 Tournament Report and Lists

X-Wing Top 4 Tournament Report and Lists

Ritchie McAlley

Our latest X-Wing Tournament saw 14 players competing for the latest kit from FFG, jammed in-between countless regional tournaments and the Yavin Open. We had a great turn out from our local players and are really looking forward to our next event!

The final standings for the event can be seen below and following that, the top 4 list includes a spicy surprise!

Chris Edwards - Scum

Phil Ryall - Imperial

Micheal Bennett - Rebel

Dave Friend – Rebel

Mike, who managed a solid 14th place finish at the recent Yavin open flying his dynamic Rebel Swarm, faced off against an interesting Imperial Swarm in a bloody pitched battle. This time he was flying the big ship list which he felt could deal with the current meta, but couldn't find his way past Phil’s swarm in this particular fight. In the other semi-final Chris had made short work of Dave and Dash Render, trapping him in the corner with no way out!

An action packed game has nearly everyone glued to their seats (and table), staying to watch the final and showing their support.

The final saw the Slaver tanking in the middle of the board, absorbing a barrage of fire before finally going down to the Imperial swarm. The Slaver itself did eventually go down gone down, but not before itself and Manaroo picked off several ships, with Fenn Ra skirting the edge of the fight. The evasive Fenn Rau managed to avoid getting swamped early and committed once the numbers were more even, deleting Imperial Ties at will!

Victory to Chris with his Scum!

The winner Chris Edwards, Congratulations!

Thank you as always to all who attended. We have our final Q1 event on the 25/03/17 and you can get your tickets here.  We should see an exciting event with a chance to see the latest changes in the meta thanks to the new FAQ!

Thanks for reading and we'll hopefully see you in store soon!

Team JustPlay

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