Event Report: NaughtyK August!

Event Report: NaughtyK August!

Isaac Wright
Last weekend we held our monthly Warhammer 40k RTT event! 
The players came out with their best lists to take the day, with quite the emphasis on the new buffed factions from the Warzone: Nephlim rulespack!
Peter and Sophie having a Chaos off round 3!
This was a special event for us as it was our first store championship! Using the new Tournament pack from Games workshop, where a whole host of prizes where up for grabs, including a rather fancy etched glass trophy for the winner!
In the end, the day was won by Peter and his Chaos Space Marine list, using Creations of Bile! 
Peter with his fancy new trophy!
Peter's winning list follows:
PLAYER: Peter Duff
FACTION: Chaos Space Marines
HOUSEHOLD: Creations of Bile
Command Points: 1CP
Total cost: 1998 pts

No Prisoners: 115 wounds
Assassinate: 13
Abhor the Witch: 6
== Battalion == 0CP

HQ1: Daemon Prince [180pts, -2CP]
. Mark of Nurgle
. Wings
- POWERS: Warptime
- TRAIT: Twisted Regeneration
- RELIC: G’holl’ax, the Decayed

HQ2: Master of Possession [120pts, -1CP]
. Mark of Slannesh
- POWERS: Pact of Flesh, Mutated Invigoration
- RELIC: Liber Hereticus

HQ3: Dark Apostle [110pts]
. Mark of Slannesh
. PRAYER: Illusory Supplication

TROOPS1: 10x Cultists [50pts]

TROOPS2: 5x Legionnaires [130pts]
. Mark of Khorne
. Icon
. Daemon Blade
. Heavy Chainaxe

TROOPS3: 5x Legionnaires [130pts]
. Mark of Khorne
. Icon
. Daemon Blade
. Heavy Chainaxe

ELITES1: 10x Terminators [385pts, -1CP]
. Mark of Slannesh
. 6x Power Fist
. 2x Chain Fist
- RELIC: Black Rune of Damnation

ELITES2: 5x Chosen [145pts]
. Mark of Khorne
. Icon

ELITES3: 6x Possessed [168pts]

FAST1: 5x Warp Talons [140pts]

FAST2: 5x Warp Talons [140pts]

== Supreme Command Detachment == 0CP

SC: Abaddon [300pts, -1CP]
- TRAIT: Merciless Overseer
- TRAIT: Eternal Vendetta
- TRAIT: Paragon of Hatred
Our prize winners and podium placers from the day! Very well done to Peter (1st) Mike (2nd) Will (3rd) and Michael (Best painted)
Thank you to everybody who attended, we hope everybody had a great time! Our next RTT is on 25th September! If you're interested, you can find tickets here

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