Horus Heresy Narrative: Sabhal's Tithe III

Horus Heresy Narrative: Sabhal's Tithe III

Ash Gavin

At the weekend we had the finale of the Horus Heresy narrative series, Sabhal's Tithe! 

After two previous events of thickening plot, from a planetary civil war to a shadow-haunted ghost ship, the final act got to the bottom of the mystery in explosive style.

The winning team (and bonus) with the Tithemaster, Isaac!


The attending Legiones Astartes were extremely traitor-heavy, with a scant few Imperial Fists and Blood angels in the mix - even the Dark Angels were fighting on Luther's orders, so the teams were organised along those who wanted bloody revenge on Sabhal himself and those who wanted to uncover his dark secrets to their own ends.
3000 point games mean Horus and Perturabo duking it out in game 2!
You can check the lists and the team disposition here: https://tabletop.to/sabhals-tithe-iii
If you're interested in reading the fluff and missions for the day, they are right here: Sabhal III Event Pack
Additionally, every player received a bespoke, hand-written, wax-sealed set of Secret Orders to score additional points and bonuses for their team throughout the day.
Audax Warhound accompanying World Eaters and Word Bearers - pure Shadow Crusade!  
Isaac won the title of Tithemaster for scoring the most points for his team and took home the campaign badge in trophy form. John Jones provided a ton of MKIII and MKVI shoulder pads with the badge embossed upon them for all the players so nobody left empty-handed! 
Pete Ryder won the Best Painted award for his stunning World Eaters army, featured below!
World Eaters squad
World Eaters Scimitar jetbikes
World Eaters terminators and tanks
Best Painted Army - World Eaters by Peter Ryder
The final award of the day was for the best War Story - everyone gathered for a debriefing and had 15 seconds to share their brightest or darkest moment from the day. Marc Santer's tale of the lone Thousand Sons Legionary who thwarted an entire set of secret orders by fleeing from the Night Lords back into his own deployment zone, which the terror squads were supposed to find deserted! 
Night Lords vs Thousand Sons


Sabhal's Tithe will not be returning - the Queen of the Dark is about her business now and there's nothing we can do about it - but the Narrative Series will return in 2023! Keep your eyes peeled!

Ash & Team JustPlay

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