Meet the Team, Chris Edwards

Meet the Team, Chris Edwards

Ritchie McAlley
Hello there. My name is Chris, my shirt number is a high 93 for no reason *cough birth year cough*. If I was to give myself a position within the Just Play X Wing team it would have to be the jester or clown of the group. I have a tendency to turn anything into a laugh, whether it be something during the game or just general chat on a tuesday X wing night. Sometimes the joke will often be aimed at myself to add more to the jester of the team.
Chris at the front wishing we done JustPlay Selfie Sticks as Prizes!
How it all started
The games that I play are all tabletop games I have a lot to choose from. However, I tend to play  Warhammer 40k, Dystopian Wars and of course X wing. 40k and other Games-Workshop products was what got me started into the tabletop world. Having made Airfix kits, when I was younger, the idea of creating an army and seeing it perform in battle seemed rewarding. After a few friends of mine got involved, we gamed round each other's houses or at a GW store we soon found out about stand alone gaming communities where you can just go to game.
I’m going on an adventure!
The first one was in my town of Widnes, a little get together of wargamers on a Saturday night in a church function room. It never had a name when it started but soon became “Nerd Club”, catchy right?! It is still running on donations and all the boards and terrain are donated by the people who go. Soon after, card players like Magic and DnD made it to the scene. Some people even turn up just to socialize and talk to their heart's content about all things nerdy. Having been going for at least 6 years I’ve now become the x wing guy there. However, due to work, I can't always make the Saturday night so popping in tends to become rare. But the nerd club is how I found about other games like X Wing and other gaming shops.
Starting the tournament scene
I started going to a shop called The Scythe and Teacup in Liverpool, bigger city there with a bigger community. I use to play 40k on Thursdays and X Wing on Fridays. This is where I started to try tournaments for X wing as I found it to be a better balance than 40k. In my first tournament, around May 2015, I came a solid 3rd which I was shocked by as I did not expect much from myself. Feeling good, people started to tell me about other places and tournaments round my area even over to the water in The Wirral. I started to build on getting a lot of good results and every time I went to a tournament I left with a big smile, new friends and learning more than when I went there.
Hello Team JustPlay!
After a while, I stopped the tournaments and went to just pick up games where I bumped into a guy called Tom (Twigg). Having giving him a few games and ideas he told me about a new place called JustPlay, sure enough I turned up and straight away started meeting new players in a great location. From that point we started trading contact details and began a team for X Wing alongside other JustPlay gamers and JustPlay owners. We soon had a team, player numbers, the shops logo and shirts. We now go further afield to put Team JustPlay and the shop on the map. I would say our team’s goal is just enjoy it. Win or lose as long as there is a smile on both sides of the table we are happy.
Where next captain?
Sorry if that dragged on however, everyone has there own story on how they found out about X Wing and Just Play and I think i would be cool to learn about other players adventures. Where to next? As part of the team I believe we want to increase the team we have in all regions of gaming and show other players what Team JustPlay is about and where to find us I guess.
What are my highlights of x wing?
Some great moments of mine would have to be going to the Yavin Open 2017, the biggest X wing tournament I have been to date. Winning at a JustPlay tournament soon after. Making it to the ETC UK finals in 2016. But a great moment was winning “Most Sporting Team” at the Team Championships 2017. Even though as a team we came middle of the standings to be voted as the most sporting proved what Team JustPlay is about.
Painting already painted ships?!?
Another thing I enjoy about X Wing is you can repaint the ships. Having painted 40K I had no trouble in putting a brush to these amazing models and even though they aren't works of art, I felt the design was right for the model in question, and it makes your model unique to your collection.
Some of Chris Painted Ships
New to the JustPlay scene?
If you want to join us for a tournament I would recommend it 100%. They are great fun. You shouldn't be worried if you might not do well because you will be paired up with similar skill level players during the day. As you play you will learn about the game and see what other players ideas and advice is on your play style. 4-6 games of x wing within one day will boost your knowledge and by the end of the day you will have your squad nailed on the table. Maybe you have a new idea for a list, these types of days will show you where your fleet stands and where to improve for next time.
Interesting? Nope don't think so
Interesting fact about myself except talking a lot….. Would have to mention about one job role I occasionally do within the council which is driving the Mayor of Halton around to events. Considering I love cars it's a real treat for me.
The world of Star Wars?

If I could wake up within in the star wars universe tomorrow, I would either play it safe with a “standard” by Star Wars world job of a freighter pilot, nothing too dodgy onboard my craft don't want to attract the wrong people. Or go all out and become a bounty hunter, although something tells me I wouldn't last long with all these force using guys out there!!!! Yeah…I will stick to the

 Star Wars Eddie Stobart of the galaxy “Keep on Space Truckin”.


 Card ready for when Chris wins Worlds


Thanks to Chris for taking the time to introduce himself and tell us about why he likes taking part in events for Team JustPlay.

We have lots more content coming up for and from the team, want to get involved and get featured on our website get in touch here or message us on Facebook

And most of all thanks to Phil and the rest of the team for spreading the word and wearing our colors up and down the country.

Ian & Ritchie

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