Eirie Downs Play Off Picture and Grand Finals Day!

Eirie Downs Play Off Picture and Grand Finals Day!

Ian O'Brien

The season is coming to a close 27 teams have taken part in the very first season of the newly established Eirie Downs League. Teams from 12 different races have taken to the field and all (we think) coached by Human head coaches.

"The first season of the Eirie downs has been a huge success attendance for games has risen though out the season, local businesses have been doing a roaring trade in particular the tavern and Funeral parlors up 125% on the previous year. This has put us in a great position to negotiate over Cabal Vision rights. Thanks to all who have taken part and supported their favorite team this season"

Roger Von Goodell

Commissioner Eire Downs League 

(que booes)

Lets have a look at the play off picture then.


The West is looking wide open with it all coming down to the last game of season between the Head Coaches Nathan Ward and Leo Kyp with the result of that game effecting 2nd and 3rd's final position.

East is all locked out after Nathan Fosters and Ritchie Mac's teams decided they would settle things off the pitch and found themselves with 3 match bans forfeiting the last games of the season allowing Jason Leathers Brodents to sneak in to 3rd place!

Central has been locked out by Christian Kewins Skaven but he can still have a impact on the last few games as 3rd place is still open in the chase is Simon Donaldsons Dwarfs and Mathew Bresnens Humans with Andrew Ab's Halflings needing a mathematical miracle to make it into third place. 

The last few games need played by the 9/04/17 after that the Wild Card round will take place between the 10th and 16th of April with the grand finals day taking place on the 29th of April.

But its not just for the top finishing players we will also have a Pro Bowl Draft and Dungeon Bowl event on for anyone else wanting to come along watch and join in just contact Ritchie for more details all the side events will start at 1pm followed by food and drinks at the end of the Grand Final.

Finals day should be a day for all entrants to celebrate what a great event it was meet up with the opponents and others they may never have met talk and play Blood Bowl with new friends.


Richard Von Macanov

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