AOS: Justice Series II Tournament Report and Lists

AOS: Justice Series II Tournament Report and Lists

Ritchie McAlley

I really love it when an event comes around for a game I have been buzzing about, particularly one like Age of Sigmar when I know I am going to see some beautiful armies on the table too!

This event saw 13 players descend on JustPlay and we couldn't help but welcome all the returning players and few new ones, with people travelling all the way from Leeds and Sheffield. We were extremely excited to see these armies in play, but mostly because we had finished some new fantastic boards and terrain I wanted to see in action!

Our new Iceage/Realm of Monsters board!

Around now I would normally post lost of pics of standings and army lists but you can check these all out over on the event page hosted by Tabletop Tournaments. This is in my opinion the best resource out there for TO's right now and I worked with Dennis over the last week to get the perfect setup to support AOS for this event and hopefully more going forward.

Check out my upcoming Video Blog with why I think this software is essential and should be adopted by all AOS events, along with a guide on it's features and how to use it.

But lest we ramble on into the extraneous we have to give a massive congratulations to Paul Whitehead for winning the event with his Mixed Destruction list of Savage Orcs with a Rukk and Beastclaw Raiders.

Paul took on Craig Carlton in Grudge to start out the day with a very cagey game going to time as they fought over the 3 Places of Power it took along to commit forces fully to the battle. A game well played by both saw a bloody pile of bodies but the final Initiative roll sealed it for Paul, taking a Major Victory and 1980 Warscroll points; arguably a major factor in a one day event.

Paul vs Craig in Round 1 

His second opponent was Dan Cooper and his lethal Clan Skryre force. Unhappy to face this match, Paul did not seem confident but ultimately his worries did not come to fruition as this was Dan's new army (after a badly timed selling of his Fyreslayers!) and his inexperience in target selection based on his damage output let Paul take a comfortable win in a battle for the Gifts from the heavens. A major win with 2000 points in Paul's favour and a strong boost to his morale. 

The Skaven are coming!

Just a glorious pic on our new terrain

Now on the other tables Matt Robertson of Team Wales for the 40K ETC (that some say should have stocks and shares in JustPlay with all the Store credit he has won) was firmly fixed on table two and in game 2 saw a  a brutal game, ending in a minor win by JP Stevens. This upset meant the title of Champion would be out if his hands for this event thanks to Matt Carltons two Major wins of his own with another Savage Orc Beastclaw list!

A typical Thundertusk stand off was on the cards in this face off with a flurry of measuring threat ranges and keeping each other at bay, particularly as I had rolled Take and Hold. There was some big list differences between the two generals however, Paul fielding two Thundertusks and a solitary Stonehorn and Matt on the reverse but with an additional three Bolt Throwers and no Rukk.

Paul and Matt face of on table 1 in round 3 a Major win will take the title for either of them.

The Bolt Throwers certainly paid off here with brutal ranged volleys, killing a Thundertusk turn 1 and blowing the match right open. Matt started moving his two Stonehorns up his extreme left flank to swoop in on his opponents objective, avoiding fire from Paul's Rukk and remaining Thundertusk. This was Paul's chance!

With the center of the battlefield now left open and Matt's objective only loosely held by 10 Savage Orcs it was time for the Rukk to do its thing, maximizing movement to cross the table and sneak onto Matt's objective, securing the turn 3 win for holding both and it paid off! A devastating moment for Matt but a great read of the game by Paul, taking his third Major win with just 100 warscroll points killed.

The final move by Paul to take the Justice Series II championship!

He was not finished there though, Paul brought the full package to this event with an incredibly impressive landslide win in the best painting votes for his army also.

Our champion Paul Whitehead

Thank you to everyone who came to the event, I had a great day running it all and meeting some new faces and I will leave you with some pics from the day. Remember to follow us on facebook for updates on our next event and more upcoming tournament reports.

Team JustPlay


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