Destiny: Q1 Tournament Feature Deck.

Destiny: Q1 Tournament Feature Deck.

Ritchie McAlley

Our final Destiny Q1 tournament has just took place and as normal with a late season event, everyone had their promos and it was quite an event. we ran two eight man events won by Bala, Jango, Trooper (Phil Ryall) and Kylo/Dooku (JP Stevens) as to be expected.

With that in mind I decided to cover one of the decks that made it to the finals, one that we had forgotten about since launch. Our initial draft of it came a long time back and Aaron's places a new spin on that.

Here is what Aaron run.


So after talking to Aaron some of the selections are based on card availability but that aside lets take a look at his interesting build.

Jango Fett and Upgrades

Mirroring the format, the deck is pretty much all about Jango, in this case just jamming Holocrons on him, cheating out blue upgrades to him and resolving them out of sequence. This deck does a lot of that often utilising his ability to resolve Holocron specials into more specials and using the battlefield to claim while still resolving dice, it certainly showed a different variation to the typical decks you find Jango in. I think the upgrade package can be a bit better in this case, personally preferring Force Choke over the Immobilize for example, and possibly more Mind Probe.


He has a real deep tool box of events in this layout,  showing lots and lots of dice removal to allow him to keep Jango alive in those dire times when just rolling Jango is not enough. Aaron has picked 15 in total so don't expect to be resolving your dice very easily against this deck and watch out for your blanks against Feel Your Anger. You can get set up for a big blow out vs that and Unpredictable or Use the Force if you are not aware.

I would certainly clean the one offs up in this decks events if I was going to play it in future, so lets take a look at another build.

This build has changed what I talked about above with the upgrades getting Force Choke in and the extra Mind Probe, which are pretty straight forward changes.

Now the real changes for this deck are in the events, and one in particular which changes the way this whole deck is played and built. Before we show that we must ask ourselves;

Why Play this Deck?

Its easy to just build deck after deck and its a lot of fun, but so much of the content coming out right now is just pointless decks that accomplish nothing compared to the big 2 or 3. Whilst still playing with my Training Day deck I am coming to the conclusion that if I am going to a big event (which I am) why I am not on Vader/Raider, Kylo/Dooku or Bala, Jango, Trooper? I think this deck is maybe a deck that could be considered good enough to operate in that competitive arena, and that's because we are trying to do all the things the above decks do all wrapped up in to one little package!

Its about cheating the action phase (Jango) and using the best upgrades in the game at the same time (Holocron and co) and the other less obvious ways one of which I have bought to this build.

No Mercy

I love this card it does just the same thing as cheating the action phase if they leave you a dice up, then you can do a lot of damage without them reacting. Force Strike is the same but would not work in this, there is just not enough of the blue melee dice. 

This card has forced my selection of cards a lot, making sure I have a lot of blue cards in my deck means skipping all but He Doesn't like You, Back Up Muscle and Armed to the Teeth in Yellow. The First two are just far too good to ever leave out and Armed to the Teeth gives me another way to Finish of a Character or end a game with skipping my opponent being able to react to my dice. 

The rest of the Blue cards, like Aaron has done himself, I have packed in dice control cards along with all of the best blue ones (and again) skipped the neutral cards to support No Mercy.

In Summary

This deck plays a lot of the best cards and a lot of the best combos of cards, it tries to cheat the action phase as much as possible to build on it's strengths and assert it's own game.

Does it work? It certainly does well and is far from terrible. From my personal perspective this one is mostly theory and needs some extensive testing, but well worth thinking about as line-up for immediate play and going forward.

Let me know what you think, have you experimented with this deck at all?

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