Adeptus Titanicus Campaign: The War for Alpha-Venatus

Adeptus Titanicus Campaign: The War for Alpha-Venatus

Ian O'Brien


Today we're going to talk about our incoming Adeptus Titanicus Campaign, entitled The War for Alpha-Venatus!


This campaign is our first ever fully games-mastered campaign. What this means is that the War for Alpha-Venatus will unfold as a narrative told by you, the players, and our games masters Ian and Ash. Sort of like a Dungeons and Dragons adventure, except with giant robots fighting for control of a planet during the Horus Heresy, and instead of adventures you fight battles for control of territory, and make decisions as your Princeps and faction which will be incorporated into the storyline as we go.

The Warzones of Alpha-Venatus


All players will be invited to a Facebook group where the story will be told, battles will be arranged, and plans will be hatched. The narrative and outcome of each battle will be updated on the Alpha-Venatus website together with the living campaign map that will show what the forces are currently doing, so that you can share your progress with the world as well as have a lasting monument of the battles you've fought!

The campaign will also feature an achievement tracker for each player, which will get you in-game rewards for things such as painting your models, completing a maniple, recruiting new players to the campaign and more. These will be posted each week as part of the campaign, so by growing your legion you'll also be growing your power and hopefully the local Adeptus Titanicus community.

If you're considering playing in the campaign, here's some info that might help you decide

  • Titanicus is new to JustPlay and a lot of people haven't even played a game yet. The campaign is geared towards people who haven't played a lot and we can all learn together whilst enjoying the story - so if you want to get into Titanicus, now is the time to get involved!
  • You will not need any particular size of force; games can be arranged and played with any size of army, so if you are just starting out then your first couple of titans will be fine
  • There are no painting requirements, so don't let that worry you, but you will gain achievements for painting
  • The campaign will start week commencing 12th August
  • All Adeptus Titanicus is currently 15% off at JustPlay, but only until the campaign starts - there's never been a better time to get involved!


So there you have it, all of the details you need to understand what is going on with the campaign. If you have any questions, drop us a line on or message us on Facebook!

If you haven't picked up a campaign ticket yet, you can do so here:

Entry is £10, but if you buy any Adeptus Titanicus item at the same time then use the code PRINCEPS and the ticket will be free! So grab your ticket now, pick up some Titanicus if you don't have some already (we recommend the Rules Set and Titan Battlegroup for maximum value) and we'll see you on the plains of Alpha-Venatus!

-Team JustPlay


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