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What's New, Old, "Borrowed" and Blue - 5-08-18

Ash Gavin

Hey there players! Hope you're having an amazing summer! You want to hear about some new gaming stuff? Excellent. Settle in.

First up - a motley gang who, despite the blog title and their obvious churchy overtones, I wouldn't let within a mile of a wedding. The all-new Necromunda gang is here - scavengers, thieves and fanatics all, with rusted, decrepit equipment and a lovely eye for blue. It's House Cawdor

Along with the usual gang-themed dice and tactics cards, this lot are accompanied by Gang War IV, the latest installment published for Necromunda. We've got rules for hulking automata, more followers, hirelings, campaign rules and lots more. 

If Necromunda isn't your thing, the Cawdor Gang box could be the basis for an incredible Chaos Cultist Kill Team - as with all Necromunda kits, the conversion opportunities here are endless! 


As for the Mortal Realms... Feel the shudder in your spines, players, because Liekeron the Executioner just walked over the grave he's about to put you in.

This ghostly headsman leads the latest wave of Nighthaunt releases. In his wake come the Dreadscythe Harridans, tragic former healers cursed to reap souls in repayment for those they once saved from death, and the equally unhappy Bladegheist Revenants, sword-wraiths cursed to relive the panicked claustrophobia of their dying moments for all eternity....



Sheesh. Dark. What about the protectors of Order?

You might already have experienced the true horror that is Evocators on the battlefield. These celestially-charged warrior-wizards just got even deadlier thanks to their Celestial Dracoline steeds, allowing them to speed into battle and hit the opponent wherever they least want to be hit. 

Fire support? You got it. Boost the power of your artillery pieces even further with a Lord-Ordinator, a wizardly engineer warrior forged from lightning and carrying a three-metre hammer! 

They're great, no doubt about it. But I can't help feeling if our next release came drifting into the Celestial Realm, a whole chamber of Lord-Ordinators wouldn't help. 

Admiral Piett, set your course for EVERY ARMADA TABLE IN THE WORLD.

The Super Star Destroyer is here. It's over two feet long. Emperor Palpatine himself is among your options for its Captain. It's utterly outrageous in its power and I just can't wait to see one in the shop!

This interstellar behemoth is the first of an entirely new class of starship for Star Wars: Armada. We can only imagine what the Rebels are going to come up with...

Attempting to bring back those days of Imperial glory on a dogfight scale is the First Order, and they're here too! Despite it taking a whole generation to come up with the idea, their TIE/Fo fighters have shields. Imagine! Things could have gone very differently if the Empire had thought of that. The First Order conversion kit is your toolbox for bringing your own evil fleet into X-Wing 2.0. 


It's not all about the villains though. The Resistance conversion kit, along with new X-Wing and Y-Wing models is also available, and even the Mining Guild is joining battle with their awesome-looking cutaway TIE fighter. With 2.0 just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about our fleet dispositions. 



Lastly (for today!) comes a whole new breed of game. 

Keyforge: Call of the Archons is a deck-based LCG with a twist. Each preconstructed deck is made up of a workable blend of the game's factions, creatures and abilities and is entirely unique!


Decks are meant to be played straight out of the box as they come, and every card in the game is designed to interact in some way with every other, meaning no two games will ever be the same! We'll be watching for news of the Keyforge with great interest...

Thanks for your eyeball-time, players! See you around. 

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