New Releases - 16-7-2018

New Releases - 16-7-2018

Ash Gavin

Welcome back, players! For a minute, I need you to forget about your cold drinks, your tiny portable fans and your booty shorts. Where we're going, the chill is eternal...

The endless tide of Nighthaunt rolls onward! From the frigid realm of Shyish, we have a whole host of new ghostly releases - they can't be stopped.

This lazy fella is Kurdoss Valentian, the Craven King. His ambition may have outstripped his ability to rule, but it hasn't dulled his ability to batter Nagash's enemies for the rest of time. 

This is Reikenor, the Grimhailer

Not only is he an amazing undead wizard, that incredible miniature you see before you is an Easy To Build kit - no glue required, just the magic of Death (and model design!) 

The same goes for the other gorgeous mounted Nighthaunt kit - the Dreadblade Harrows. Somehow this pair of spectral, teleporting cavalry of the dead are made up of only 6 components each!  


 Standing defiant against them are the Stormcast Eternals - you'll recognise the Celestar Ballista and Evocators from the Soul Wars box, but how about...

Lord-Arcanum Astreia Solbright is a shining example of Stormcast Eternals might. And just happens to be another Easy Build kit! 

We realise Age of Sigmar can be quite an investment, especially if you're new to the game, which is why we're now offering stripped-down versions of the Soul Wars starter sets. With fewer miniatures, you can get down to painting or playing as quickly as possible, and decide which faction you prefer without buying two whole armies.

 Storm Strike and Tempest of Souls are available now, and the latter has the option to include all the paints you need to bring your forces to life, or un-death, as it may be!

For those of you that have chosen a side already, we have the ever-popular faction paint sets! Each comes with 4 miniatures, all the paints you need to make them look great, a brush, and a painting guide. There's one for Nighthaunt and one for Stormcast Eternals.


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