Warhammer 40,000 Fate of Konor Campaign!

Warhammer 40,000 Fate of Konor Campaign!

Shaun Wright

Greetings loyal denizens of the Imperium!

We bring to you the happy news that the Warhammer 40,000 Campaign: The Fate of Konor is now officially underway and if you're to survive this apocalyptic clash of fates and prosper on the battlefield you're gonna need some good old fashioned Inquisitorial Intelligence on the matter.


The Fate of Konor campaign will span the following six weeks as of July 27th and will see the entire world take part in a vast campaign to decide the fate of Konor and it's surrounding planets. Each week will bring a new planet to claim in the name of the Imperium (or Eldar Gods, Machine Spirits, Gork and Mork or insert latest fashionable warp deity here) and will bring with it a new weekly mission and even some snazzy new stratagem cards for fighting on that planet. 


Each battles results will be submitted by the store to the worldwide campaign as the battles rage on and each will contribute to the fate of the planet currently fought on. Whether its wielding a chainsword or firing a battle cannon, every action both great and small will have an effect on the fight for these planets. To really claim the planet as your own each week will also have a thematic reward scheme. Play with the relevant weekly scheme and your victory will bear twice the weight in the campaign results. As seen below our first week will focus on the Space Marines/Start Collecting boxes to help along those who are joining the battlefield with a fresh new force. Each week will offer new challenges and reward those willing to field a diverse, lethal force to the fight. 


Whilst we have a changing battlefield and scenario each week, there is also a large hobby element to the defense of Konor. As any General knows, an army relies on a strong and efficient supply line, and as such adding new forces each week will count towards the relevant army's war effort and will furthermore tick the relevant painting box on the other side of our new Konor sheets, working towards some of the prizes we have in store.

Since we've mentioned prizes it's only fair that we should show the spoils of war up for grabs. Taking part in a weekly game, reinforcing your army with newly painted units and taking part in some of the events we have in store will bag you all sorts of goodies such as wound markers, objective tokens, wristbands and embroidered dice bags. The spoils of war are definitely sweet in the 41st millenium.


The defense of Konor is vital for the Imperium and a strong foothold for it's enemies so make sure to come on down, smite some xenos, flame some heretics and plant your stamp on history (or the future I guess?) by proving your army claims this battlefield. 


We look forward to seeing you all and to the many brutal, tactical games we're likely to see over the coming campaign.


The Emperor Protects,

Team Justplay.

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