Star Wars Destiny Launch Party Recap

Star Wars Destiny Launch Party Recap

Ian O'Brien

This past Sunday saw JustPlay's launch party for Fantasy Flights Games' latest release, Star Wars: Destiny! 

Everyone got the starter of their choice, Kylo Ren or Rey, along with that one booster and loads of promo goodies only available at the launch party.

Every player walked away with a promo Rey, deck box and poster


We had a sell out event which meant 24 players all playing Destiny for the first time! Everyone cracked their starters and played a few games. Learning the rules of the game was really simple to learn and with Ian and Ritchie helping, everyone had it down in no time. Once everyone was comfortable, everyone opened their extra five packs, set about creating a deck, and then took part in a three-round Swiss battle of Dark vs Light....

...and Kylo defeated Rey!

Thanks to everyone who took part and got involved, it was really fun and exciting to see all of the new character cards - Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Admiral Ackbar, and of course lots of Stormtroopers! Here are the results for the end of the day, congrats to Mark on his top finish!

We also had a raffle for some awesome POP! Rey and Kylo bobbleheads, Rey was won by Chris Zee and Kylo by Chris Marooth, congrats guys!

 Chris Zee with his new mascot

A great time was had by all, meeting fellow Destiny players and giving our Destiny community a healthy start.

Starting in the new year, JustPlay will be running weekly Destiny events on Friday nights as well as monthly FFG organised play kits. And coming up on official release weekend, we have 'Tournament One' that you can all take part in - click here to grab yourself a ticket!


Thanks for reading and we'll see you soon for more Destiny!

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