New Year, New Games!

New Year, New Games!

Ash Gavin


2018 is already shaping up great for us. While we're all absolutely buzzing about our new premises - don't worry, we're not even leaving the building! - there's plenty to be excited about on the new release front too. Let's get into it.

Weirdly, as we look bright-eyed to the future, our releases this week are both huge blasts from the past! 



Five years since the debut of Android: Netrunner, Fantasy Flight are back with their revised core set. The in-game setting has also advanced five years, adding a real sense of weight and consequence to the games of Netrunner you've been playing all these years. The corps are more monolithic and intimidating than ever, and the Runners more devious, dangerous and above all, more desperate. Getting bored of meatspace? Preorder your copy while stocks last, because for untrained runners and hardened freedom fighters alike, January the 11th is the time to jack in...


I wonder if you've heard of a small Japanese franchise called Dragon Ball? The Dragon Ball Super Card Game is almost upon us, and it's ready to preorder right now!

This is one stunning looking game. While it's based on, and launched off the success of, the TV and Manga series of the same name, it also features your favourite characters from Dragon Ball Z and earlier, all the way back to the original series. In their words:

 Each card comes in two styles, CGI and Anime, allowing you to build yourself the perfect deck, and the gameplay is simple to learn and richly rewarding to master.

Simply put, it's the card game Dragon Ball fans have deserved all this time! Go to power level 9,000 (and beyond!) this January the 11th!

Players, I hope this has whetted your appetites for the feast of gaming that 2018 is shaping up to be. There's so much more in store (and in-store, ha) for us - see you again very soon! 

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