Merry Christmas and Happy New Releases!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Releases!

Ash Gavin

Players, we've done it! We've made it nearly all the way through 2017. Now it's time to congratulate yourselves and look to the future, and all the good things the new year will bring...


Dropping out of hyperspace right at the end of 2017 comes a treat for our Star Wars: Armada players. The Profundity and Chimaera expansion packs bring Admirals Thrawn and Raddus into play, giving much-needed foresight and unmatched manoeuvring to your fleets, as well as some truly impressive capital ships. Expect to see these two in action at the Armada Regionals, hosted by JustPlay!


The Star Wars hype-shuttle shows no signs of slowing as we enter 2018, bringing us the highly-anticipated Star Wars: Legion! Perhaps the most exciting Star Wars tabletop game yet, Legion gives you command of squads of infantry, devastating speeders and walkers, and iconic characters from a galaxy far, far away. Fight the legendary battles from your favourite Star Wars stories and beyond! The Core set is released in late January, with a raft of expansion packs coming in the following weeks. Check out some of the game's mechanics here - we can't wait.


Another big release in January is the second and final set in Magic: The Gathering's Ixalan block! Rivals of Ixalan continues the storyline of powerful forces converging on the ancient city of Orazca and joining battle. The City's Blessing is this set's special mechanic (that we know of!) and gives powerful bonuses to whomever is granted it. We've also heard whispers of Elder Dinosaurs - the first non-dragon Elder cards ever made! 

With all this in mind, you'd have to be a goblin to miss our Rivals of Ixalan prerelease event and Draft Weekend! Get involved! 


Speaking of prereleases, Cardfight!! Vanguard is back in a big way with The Awakening ZooIt's always nice not to need a spellcheck on a CFV title, isn't it? We'll have sneak preview packs and an event to go with them!


Last but not least, the Dragonball Super Card Game will be with us on 11th January. There isn't much information circulating yet, but we know that characters from across all the Dragon Ball franchises will make appearances, including Super Saiyan Son Guku and Golden Frieza. Deck Leaders also have an "awaken" feature, sending their power level rocketing upward - but only when your own health gets critically low! Sounds like Dragon Ball at its finest and most dramatic to us. 

The "Fam Kam." Heartwarming!


That's all for now! Players, have an incredible festive season. If we don't see you at the store, or around the internet, all of us at JustPlay hope it's a great one! 


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