New Releases This Week! (11/12/17)

New Releases This Week! (11/12/17)

Ash Gavin

Big releases for this week!

The Imperial Cycle continues raging toward its climax with the latest expansion, Fate Has No Secrets. There are great cards in here for all the clans, but Phoenix and Unicorn in particular have some blinders, like the lightning-fast Moto Juro and the plan-ruining Master of Gisei Toshi. Don't miss this one!

Fate may have no secrets, but you know who does...

Hot on the heels of the Blood Angels come their brooding cousins of the first Legion, the implacable, the deadliest fighters to ever go to war in dressing gowns: the Dark Angels are up for preorder! 

Mirroring their bloody brethren, we'll be seeing the Dark Angels get their own Intercessors, Aggressors and - perhaps most importantly - Hellblasters. I (and everyone else) predict the latter are going to be awesome when boosted with some stratagems. +1 Damage on plasma weapons and rerolling 1s to hit? The only ones survivng that will be the Hellblasters themselves, since they'll be nigh-immune to overheating.

The Primaris marines amongst the sons of the Lion - and by the way, the Codex promises to explain why exactly the least trusting chapter would happily accept these newcomers - get their own upgrade sprue, with plenty of gothic, moody bits and winged swords galore.


That's all they'd let us tell you. At great risk to life and limb, I can bring you the news that a new Ravenwing Command Squad, datacards and dice are also on their way! All this (and more) is up for preorder - if there's ever been a time to add the Dark Angels to your forces, it's now!

'Til next time, players!

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